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Workplace Habits That May Negatively Affect Your Health


Try to avoid these bad workplace habits for better health

Whether you are an office worker, a student or a freelancer, it’s likely you spend most of your time in your workplace. After all, all those reports or custom essay writing won’t do themselves, right? And while we spend hours at our desks absorbed in work, it’s easy not to notice how we start developing that may affect our health in a very bad way. Here are some of them.

  1. Skipping breakfast

Although experts keep arguing on whether breakfast is so important or not, most of them still agree that it’s much better to have something for breakfast than to skip it altogether. Of course, when you know all that paper writing awaits for you, it’s much easier to just have a cup of coffee and get to work. But in fact, research shows that light breakfast boosts your metabolism and increases your energy level, which means that you can say goodbye to feeling weak and slow in the mornings.

  1. Eating at your workplace

Your brain needs some rest. However obvious this may sound, people still keep disregarding it. The funny thing is working for hours without giving yourself a break will not help you do more. It’s actually the other way around: if you don’t take a break, your productivity will go down. Besides, research shows that multitasking is not the best choice if you want to work effectively. This means that you won’t really gain a lot trying to both eat and work, whether it’s about thinking of some creative writing ideas or preparing estimates.

  1. Poor sitting posture

Incorrect sitting posture (arch-backed and round-shouldered) leads to a number of health issues and may be the reason you frequently feel pain in your back, neck and shoulders. What’s more, some research shows that bad posture may be the reason why you often feel down.

  1. Sitting at your desk all day long

As some experts say, sitting lifestyle is like new smoking. It’s definitely a bad habit that may increase the risk of many health issues. So even if you have a lot of informative writing to do and not much time to complete it, try to get up from time to time for a short walk or a few simple exercises that you can do right at your workplace.

  1. Propping your head with your hand

It’s likely many people would agree that resting your chin on your hand is quite comfortable. Unfortunately, this is really not good for your face hygiene. Talking about the bad posture!

  1. Rubbing your eyes

This is also a hygiene issue. Besides, if you rub your eyes too hard you may damage the delicate skin under your eyes.

  1. Refusal to take a sick leave

Let’s admit it: quite often when we get sick with cold or even flu, we decide it’s not a big deal and prefer to keep working. But by refusing to go on a sick leave you may seriously damage your health. Leaving alone endangering your colleagues’ of fellow students’ health.

  1. Crossing your legs while sitting

This may feel quite comfortable too, but it may lead to pains in your back as well. A perfect posture for sitting is when your back is straight and both your legs are on the floor.

  1. Inability to switch off

Burning yourself out is real, especially if you just can’t get rid of all those small habits that lead to it. Mindless Internet browsing after late dinner, checking your mailbox before going to sleep, going through your essay topics one last time before going to bed – all of these lead to mental exhaustion. Try outing your phone away and forgetting about it right after you come back home.

This may not be the full list of all the bad habits you have developed at your workplace, but chances are, some of them are very familiar to you. Try to avoid them – to make your everyday life healthier and your work more productive.


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