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Animal rights activist violently attacked by slaughterhouse owner


AN alleged violent assault on a Warrington animal rights activist by the owner of a slaughterhouse was caught on camera.
The video shows Jake Jordan, of local animal rights group Liverpool Pig Save, dragged by his hair and slammed onto the ground outside the slaughterhouse at Widnes.
The slaughterhouse owner is shown attacking Mr Jordan as he  stood in front of a lorry full of animals so that other activists could document the conditions the pigs were transported in.
Andrew Garner, organiser at Liverpool Pig Save, who witnessed Mr Jordan being assaulted, said: “Liverpool Pig Save has made people think twice about eating meat, dairy and eggs – many of them have got in touch with us to say they’ve gone vegan which has made slaughterhouse workers try to stop us from raising awareness many times.’’
The group claims Mr Jordan, from Warrington, was peacefully protesting outside the slaughterhouse premises on August 7 as they have been doing at the slaughterhouse for more than a year.

They claim they regularly visit slaughterhouses where they are given permission to help calm the animals by stroking them, but on this occasions were not given sufficient time to do so.
A spokesperson for the slaughterhouse said their workers acted with Mr Jordan’s safety in mind, as he stood in the way of the wagon where the driver could not see him. They also claimed the group were in fact given enough time with the pigs.
The  animal rights group admit their aim is to “make the whole world vegan.” .
Police are now investigating the video.



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  1. Whatever the rights and wrongs of animal farming and slaughter houses I think I would lose it with anyone who had spent a year trying to stop me going about my lawful business.

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