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Time to stand together as Labour sweep to victory in Warrington


CONGRATULATIONS to Warrington’s new MP for Warrington South Faisal Rashid on his election victory last night, while commiserations to former MP David Mowat, who had been the sitting MP for just over seven years.

It was certainly a long night of excitement at the count which also saw veteran Labour MP Helen Jones returned for a sixth successive time, as she increased her majority in Warrington North.

The results pretty much reflected a good night for Labour and a bad night for the Tories across England, resulting in a hung parliament.

It is now more important than ever that we all work together to try and bring as much stability to the local community and the country moving forward as we enter uncharted waters with the Brexit negotiations looming on the horizon.

Whatever your political beliefs it was good to see a large turnout for the younger voters – after all it is their futures.

Social media played a big part in their engagement.

We witnessed this effect first hand at warrington-worldwide as our election coverage reached in excess of 45,000 people within a few hours of going live!

Meanwhile here at warrington-worldwide we look forward to continue working with our town’s elected representatives for the good of our town.

For the full election results and video interviews CLICK HERE



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  1. Warrington North is a safe seat it is and always has been. Helen has been the lucky recipient of that. I maybe would have expected to see a bigger majority on Thursday now that we are seven years into to a Tory government. But that would be splitting hairs admittedly. It is still my contention however that this safe seat remains safe in spite of Helen, and not because of her. But still. Let us hope that she will now take the many recent critical comments about her on board and begin to move in a more positive direction when it comes to representing the interests of her constituents and working productively with her local Labour colleagues; not just the ones in Westminster. Only time will tell I guess as to whether she is actually reaching out. Because in spite of her bluster and continual finger pointing, people do genuinely want to see her step up and become a more effective and more rounded MP. Don’t forget, on election night, in her own words, she did say that she would not let us all down. “My tribute to all my constituents in #Warrington North. Thank you. I will represent you to the best of my ability”. Warrington as a whole will be watching with interest.

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