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Tips For Maximising Garage Space


If you’re one to care a lot about your vehicles, you likely devote at least some attention to making sure that your garage isn’t too messy or cluttered.

A little bit of a mess doesn’t necessarily detract from the safety or upkeep of your car, but by clearing out the space you can design an area that better reflects your outlook toward motoring.

Here are a few tips on straightforward ways to clear away clutter and maximise your garage space.

Store Tools On The Wall

Vertical storage is one of the first things that should come to mind in any effort to make the most of a given amount of space. It’s just a great way to keep tools and other possessions from taking up more space than they need to in bins on the ground or simply lying about. Lifehacker recommends a few different solutions for mounting tools on the wall, from easy, DIY racks to peg boards for smaller tools and household objects. If this is something you haven’t already done in your garage, you might be stunned at how much it clears things up. Plus you’ll feel a lot more organised!

Install A Bicycle Rack

A bicycle rack is a little bit more involved than your average wall mounting apparatus for tools, but if you don’t want to purchase one, you can actually rig one up with relative ease on your own. With the right scraps of metal and a simple online guide, it only requires some very basic welding to get the job done in short time. And if that sounds daunting, relax! Screwfix outlines some of the details of what goes into a simple home MIG welder (as well as how much a good one costs). A portable welder can be great for anything from auto repairs to general use, and you might even be surprised at how much fun it is to effectively fasten bits of metal together to build a simple, useful bicycle rack all on your own. And then there’s one more thing off the ground and up on the wall to maximise your space.

Use Lockers For Your Family

This is actually a brilliant idea that we borrowed from Buzzfeed (of all sources). It’s perfect if the primary source of your garage clutter happens to be your children or family. The article recommends securing an old set of school lockers (which can’t be too difficult to do) and labelling them so that each family member has a designated space. It could be used for sports equipment, toys for the yard, bicycle helmets, winter gloves, etc. The point is that the lockers keep all of this clutter in a confined space taking up only a small area along a wall.

Consider A Folding Work Bench

Finally, you may want to consider this frequently recommended trick that takes one of the bulkiest pieces of garage furniture and essentially does away with the bulk. If you devote a lot of attention to your vehicle, particularly with regard to doing your own repairs, chances are you have some kind of table or surface to use while doing projects in the garage. Well, there are several ways to redesign (or more accurately replace) that surface in a way that enables it to fold up into the wall when it’s not in use. This can clear up quite a bit of space for your garage on a day-to-day basis.

All in all, it comes down to finding creative ways to tidy up the garage and keep storage as closely pinned to the walls as possible. Just by adopting these few ideas, you’ll have significantly more space and a much more maintained look to your garage.



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