Memorial bench attacked by vandals again


A MEMORIAL bench attacked by vandals at a Warrington beauty spot has been uprooted and vandalised a second time – within a few hours of it being replaced.
The mindless act has infuriated villagers at Stockton Heath – and resulted in the bench being temporarily removed from its location at Ackers Pit.
Members of Stockton Heath Parish Council now have to decide what to do about the bench which was erected in memory of local resident Frederick Tyreman by his family.
Mr Tyreman, who died aged 88, in November, used to walk around Ackers Pit and loved the spot.
As reported by Warrington-Worldwide, on Monday, the bench, which was set in concrete blocks, was uprooted and dragged into the pond by vandals.
It was replaced in its original location by the parish council – but within hours had been uprooted again, before the concrete had had time to set properly.
Council chairman Helen Dutton said: “I was absolutely sickened by the first act of vandalism and even more so by the second.
“It would seem the damage was caused in the early evening, but during the hours of both darkness, on both occasions.
“It would have taken considerable force to remove it as it was firmly concreted in place.
“The police have been informed, but we realise they can’t keep a watch on it all the time.
“It is surprising, however, as there are properties nearby which overlook the site.”
Cllr Dutton said the parish council would have to consider what to do and one option was to find a different location for the bench.
But she said: “I don’t want to do that. This is the spot where the family wanted the bench placed and I think it would be giving in to the vandals to put it elsewhere.”
Ackers Pit has been subjected to a number of acts of vandalism in recent times.
A male swan and eggs went missing, leaving the female swan alone and distressed. Parish notice boards were ripped down and damaged.
One outraged resident said: “What on earth is wrong with people these days when they think they have the right to do things like this!
“What makes it even more disgraceful is that the bench had only recently been installed and it was clear for all to see that it was in memory of someone who had recently passed away and this must be so upsetting for his family.”
Any one who has seen anything suspicious at Ackers Pit is asked to contact police on 101.
Picture: The bench in the pond – with the marks where it was dragged by the vandals clearly visible..


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