Britain cares for small cars


It’s official – Britian loves its Supermini’s! Britain cares for

small cars and the most common British car in 2013 was a silver super

mini with the best seller being a Ford Fiesta!

Here are the five most wanted Super Minis on the road this year!

Peugeot 208

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Peugeot is working hard to get back the magic of the past, even bringing back the GTi name.It’s bigger and heavier than its predecessor, but it still has the handling that made the 205 so great in GTi guise.

The French company has put the small steering wheel in to give a go-kart-like feel. It works well and the petrol engines are sharp and pull fairly well, particularly in the GTi. The entry-level 1.0 VTi is attractively priced, but the prices rise sharply higher up the range.

Ford Fiesta

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The Fiesta was Britain’s top selling car in 2013, out-selling the next best (Ford Focus) by nearly 35,000 units. With smart looks, a 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine, brilliant driving dynamics and a reasonable price, the Fiesta is more or less the perfect supermini.

Suzuki Swift

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The Suzuki drives as good as the Fiesta so it’s enjoyable on a winding road. Entry-level SZ-2 models come with fog lights, LED daylight running lights and USB connectivity. The SZ-3 adds sat nav plus air conditioning for a small premium.

Fiat 500

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Fashion-conscious young people rush to be seen at the wheel of the Italian company’s up to date take on the classic 500 of the 1960s. Underneath, it is a Fiat Panda, and though it’s less practical, it’ll roll less, making it more fun on a B-road.

Volkswagen Polo

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Some brand the Polo as the dull, unimaginative choice, and to a degree that’s true – the B-segment VW will never stir the soul like a Ferrari, or even like a Suzuki – but there’s not a lot to dislike about the Polo. It’s better built than anything else, the resources are of high quality and it manages that uncommon trick of feeling bigger than it is.

On the negative side we’d say the space in the back is lacking and basic models aren’t that well equipped, despite a sizeable price tag.

If you just want a secure, reliable and practical car, the Polo is hard to beat.

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