Anger over office workers' parking


AN angry councillor is calling for action over parking problems being experienced by residents living near the new Home Office building at Warrington.
Cllr Geoff Settle (pictured) says he is concerned and annoyed the Home Office has reneged on an agreement to “keep a low profile” and minimise parking problems in the Longbarn area.
Residents have made numerous complaints over the last couple of months about parking by Home Office employees in narrow residential roads.
Work started on the new building in 2009 and sparked controversy from the outset.
But eventually the Home Office gave assurance that they would respect the wishes of local residents – especially in respect of parking.
They said all employees would sign up to a travel to work initiative that would reduce the need to travel by car.
A free bus service would be introduced to connect the site to railway and bus stations.
Residents were advised to report illegally parked cars to the police, to report cars believed to belong to employees to the Home Office manager and to report any other non-resident cars to a local councillor.
Cllr Settle said: “This system worked well until late last year when eight cars were parked in Burnet Close one day.
“One employee when questioned said that his parking space had been taken while others said they were on a training course.”
Cllr Settle visited the scene himself and found three cars parked near to the junction of Burnet Close and Sage Close.
Local residents said they wanted something doing about it.
“I am concerned and very annoyed that the Home Office have reneged on their agreement and their staff are now parking on these narrow and twisty roads.
“For an organisation that is seeking to keep a low profile they are not going about it in the right way.
“You shouldn’t have to put up with people from Rochdale and Sheffield parking outside your house all day while they go off to work.”


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