Spring is special


IT is now the time of year when we are looking forward to the arrival of spring and the Easter holidays, which is a special time of year for many different reasons.

If we are observant enough we can see the signs of new growth all around us. However, some people are blinkered to this, especially when they are rushing around going to work or taking the children to school. On grey cold mornings winter is still hanging on and many people are not aware of the potential of spring arriving just around the corner and the prospect of warm summer days to come.
If we stop in our tracks and notice the days drawing out, taking a moment to realise that when we leave our homes on a morning it is light and when we return home on an evening it is still light. This extra daylight can improve mood and encourage people to spend more time out of doors, and the prospect of even longer light time is round the corner when we turn the clocks forward.
If we then think for a moment and take stock we may realise that life feels better in the knowledge that as well as the trees and plants coming to life, and animals and birds becoming more active, that we too are growing. This new growth in our selves can be felt in many different ways and which are unique to each of us. For instance, with the sun’s warmth and brightness you may be inspired to spend more time outdoors walking, cycling or on some other outdoor pursuit. You may feel your spirits lift and this may affect your posture and you may smile more improving your sociability.
For some people, when they notice the daffodils by the roadsides or the buds emerging on a tree it causes them to feel happy inside at the potential of new life. For others, it may be seeing and hearing new lambs, hearing the birds and seeing them build their nests, causes them to focus more on their own family and home life.
This time of year is well known for DIY and getting the garden in order for the summer. We become inspired to clean, and make changes to our environment. This in turn ensures new growth in the form of our comfort and happiness with our own surroundings, as well as challenging us in changing the things that are important to us. This can then affect our outlook on our selves and our relationships.
No matter what your circumstances, we all have the ability to learn from the gifts of nature. New growth is all around us. Stop, look, listen, feel the messages nature is giving you. Marvel at how a small flower may suddenly appear on the kerbside. Every one of us has the ability to emerge as that flower, to grow even within difficult circumstances. All is needed is the desire to grow and change, and the belief that you deserve to experience life and all it has to offer you.
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