New Year – new opportunities!


AS we look forward to 2013, have you decided what to take with you from 2012? We hope that a New Year will bring us new opportunities, and we can ‘start again’.
But will you be taking regrets into 2013 too? What about guilt and blame, anger or disappointment or perhaps feelings of being hard done to. What about the plan or project that didn’t quite come off or the relationship that ended?
Many people tend to carry their negative past with them, like snails carrying a burden through life, they may do it, because they believe they deserve to do so, or they don’t have the right to be happy, or they believe that they have to put up with whatever life throws at them, because they don’t have any choice.
If you are similarly like minded then you may just want to consider that your thinking may be flawed. Why should you have to go through life living regret, guilt, blame etc? Why don’t you deserve a good life, happy relationships, and all the things that you see other people with, but don’t seem to manage to obtain yourself?
Flawed thinking is simply that you may not know any better, or you simply don’t know how to start to think and do things differently or you may not know how to plan a better future. However if you really do believe you deserve your burdens and troubles and nothing can change them, then your thinking really is flawed, and good luck to you! Just cut this article out and put it somewhere safe until something changes for you.
For those readers who want a better outlook on life, want a better future and simply want to leave old negative thoughts and behaviours in the past, then there is no better time than the focus which a new year brings.

Start by asking yourself, what you want to release. Realise whatever happened in the past has gone. Your responses, actions and behaviours back then were subject to your life experiences and pressures of the moment.
Simply carrying burdens with you now is not productive. Hindsight is the only exact science, and if you knew then what you know now then things might have been different, but you didn’t know then what you know now! Since then you have moved on and obtained more knowledge, wisdom, education and life skills. However you can use that new information to prevent you behaving the same way again, and that is progress. Acknowledge that fact, and you will help yourself to move on.
So remember each thought is an end and a new beginning. Let 2013 not be just another date, let it be the year that you decide to learn from the past, to help yourself to move on more easily into the future. Embrace all the positives of 2012, and take them with you into the New Year. Be ready to plan differently. Severe the link between memory and negative emotion, so you can remember the past but no longer take the associated emotion on board. Above all, remember you, like everyone else, are unique; there is nothing to stop you moving on positively, except yourself. If you need guidance, contact me and let me help you. I wish you well on your journey into and through 2013.


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