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A Method to Change Interpersonal Dynamics


HAVE you ever tried talking with someone and no matter what you say, you have difficulty communicating?
You can change your voice tone, your words, your manner, the time of day you communicate with them, and still, there is just no connection there. Has this happened to you at some time in your life? Does it happen in social situations or business? All the time, or just with some people? Is it you or is it them?
If this seems to happen all the time, with most people, then perhaps it is your communication. If it happens only with certain people, it can be either you or them!
We all know how it can be. We all have various thoughts that can change from second to second from the topic at hand, to what the person is wearing, to disagreeing or agreeing with them, to formulating what you will say next – and all this at the same time you may or may not be listening to them!
So even though your words may say one thing, your thoughts may be transmitting quite something else. With over 60,000 thoughts per day, you can see how we have many options!
Try this experiment over time and see what happens.
Consider one particular person with whom you wish to improve communication between you. This can be a family member, a neighbour, close friend or a distant business associate, it doesn’t matter.
Think of that person in a kind and positive way and simply visualise how you want them to communicate with you – there is no need to actually speak to them, or even be near that person.
Over time, just picture them in your mind of how you wish the communication to go – rehearse it in your mind. Athletes many times do this before competitions and there is scientific research showing that the mind does not distinguish between thought or the actual activity. The mind is a powerful tool and it can work both for you or against you. If you have less than kind thoughts towards someone, you may get the same in return!
By changing the way you think about that person on an optimistic, constructive and affirmative level, over time, your dynamic with all people will change towards those attributes too. As a result of altering your own thoughts about a person, that person will respond to you differently because you have changed and ultimately, they will have changed too for that interpersonal dynamic between you. By changing the way you think and feel about someone with positive, caring, loving and generous thoughts, you can have tremendous power and happiness. I have found this in my own life, and can help you to find this too!


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