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Keep those cards and letters coming


I am so delighted with all the cards, letters, emails and posted comments I get from my patients over the past years! In fact, more than 25 years have passed for my own private practice and over 13 years since my first recorded audio program for IBS became available to the public.
It is always an honour and privilege to work with patients and I learn so much from them!
Here is a sample private email:
“Thank you so much. You know I have never found anyone…not my family, not my friends, not doctors, no one that has ever understood my condition – what you have said is exactly how it is. It is good to know that someone else understands. I really appreciate you, you are very nice and kind and understanding.” Tim H.
What kind comments and I appreciate them so much! So in honour of people like Tim, I would like to extend my services a bit further.
What would you the reader like to ask me? Do you have questions about how you can help your body and mind to heal? Perhaps you would like to know more about what hypnotherapy can do for you?
Here I invite you to ask questions about your life concerns, your health, emotional well-being, problems, or anything that concerns you or your loved ones, and if chosen, will anonymously include the questions and our replies in future Hypnotes!
All respectful and serious questions will be answered via private email, and we will print those that have the farthest reach to help others – and of course, we won’t use names!
So don’t be shy! Remember, I have worked with many patients over the years for a wide variety of life’s problems.
All it takes is a bit of guidance to begin to help yourself and know that there is hope! It is so rewarding to know that the people who have come to my office some often at desperate time in their lives, so quickly learn that there is reason for a renewal of hope and optimism!
Some days I can’t believe how honoured I am to be working with such courageous and wonderful people, who have faced insurmountable odds, and have come through these things – and not just that – they have gone forward to a better and happier life.
To all my readers, thank you for your continued support, your wonderful notes of encouragement and graciousness. This has meant so very much to me over my many years in practice. I look forward to continuing my work in person and through my self-help / self-development audio programs at www.healthyaudio.com
So let me help you to help yourself and contact me with your questions, comments and suggestions! I look forward to hearing from you! You can reach me at: timelineservices@aol.com
Watch this space – the next topic may be of personal interest to YOU!


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