In One Year and Out the Other…


THINK to yourself, what is the one thing, that above all others, you would like to accomplish in the coming year. Is it realistic?
Most people tend to think in superlatives. Our goals aspire to the ‘most’ that we could ever be, but we may not know what steps are needed to even begin to accomplish those goals.
So try this, take out a piece of paper. Quickly jot down what you would like to accomplish in your life. Don’t edit as you write, don’t make corrections, just write.
Then put it away for a day or two.
When you come back to it, notice if there are any trends running through your entries.
You may find your list contains an item that is both a want and a need; but many times, what we need to accomplish, is not what we want to do.
And that is where sabotage for New Year’s resolutions comes in.
Oscar Wilde humorously observed that “A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.”
The reasons for failure could possibly be that because the task has not ever been accomplished before, it cannot ever be done, or past failures determine future failures.
In the ‘back of your mind’ you feel the need to improve, but already have failed because you expect to fail.
Look at your list, and prioritize. Once you have number one, then put the others on the list away for the time being.
Now take your top goal, and break it down into doable steps.
If you have difficulty doing this, I can help. The subconscious mind can be given specific and realistic suggestions and visual imagery that can help guide you to your goal.
You can train your subconscious mind to rethink past failures or the inability to begin, especially with those goals you know you need to achieve, but are reluctant to do so, because of unpleasant aspects to that achievement.
The focus on negative aspects needed to achieve your goals, rather than the positive aspects can be a big sabotage at the outset. Many people before you have overcome this, by taking small objectives and once accomplished adding new ones as the next steps. This gives you an opportunity to build a small success upon another success as a plan to meeting your ultimate goal.
For example, you may want to be better organized, but the overall task is so overwhelming, that you give up. But if you visualize one small section being as you want it, then do it, you can do this over and over again, and achieve your bigger goal. This can apply to almost any goal that deep down you really want to accomplish.
There are other factors involved – hope and belief. You can hope for something all day long, but unless you really believe you can achieve it, all the hoping in the world won’t bring it to you. Once you put a belief system into place, success in achieving your goals can be realized. Many of my audio programs of hypnotherapy can help you with your goals, or call my office for an appointment for personal care and guidance.
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