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It is estimated that around 9 million people in the UK suffer from this debilitating condition that can affect sufferers for weeks during the late spring and summer months.

Hay fever is usually an allergy to pollen and fungal spores released by flowers, grasses and trees. The exposure to pollen causes cells to release histamine and other chemicals resulting in a running itchy nose, blocked sinuses, sneezing, prickling and watering of the eyes and sometimes a sore, itchy throat. This allergic reaction is an exaggerated response by the immune system to what is essentially a harmless substance.

Hay fever sufferers may show slightly different symptoms, at different times of the year, depending on which particular pollen or spores they react to. The hay fever season may start as early as February with the release of pollen by trees especially birch and oak. Most people with hay fever are allergic to grass pollens which appear between May and September, peaking in June and July. Later in the year levels of weed pollen and fungal spores rise which also cause reactions in some people.

Keeping an eye on the pollen count can help sufferers to avoid the worst exposure to pollen. Symptoms usually begin when the pollen count rises above 50. Plants release pollen in the early morning when the flowers open up. Levels peak in the late afternoon and evening. The pollen count becomes higher on sunny days as more flowers open. On very humid or windy days pollen may spread further, causing more problems. Rain helps to clear pollen from the air, causing levels to fall.

There are natural treatments that can extremely effective in helping to combat hay fever, by helping to reduce the body’s sensitivity to the pollen. Acupuncture, homeopathy and Herbal Medicine are particularly effective especially when treatment is started before symptoms appear. A short course of treatment may keep the problem at bay for the entire season without the need for further medication. The treatments also have the added benefit of improving the overall health of the individual.

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