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Nuisance kids


WHERE do we stand re kids who generally hang about making a nuisance of themselves on a schoolday ?
If we ask them to move on/go home they are quite agressive and much as you would like to chastise them, their response is “we know where you live”. We pay a lot of money in taxes in Penketh and we don’t ask a lot.
My neighbour has phoned the police on numerous occasions to no avail. Where do the parents of these kids think they are? I live in Ireland for 2 weeks out of 4 because my husbands work is there.
I am getting to the stage where I am frightend to leave my home because these kids, and they are only kids, are quite capable of putting my windows through or even worse if they have managed to get hold of alcohol.
I can’t defend myself so who can do it for me? Answers on the back of a fag packet from the Home Secretary please.


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  1. Hi pat

    I no exactly how you feel, my parents are pensioners and i am very concerned about them as there are a gang of youths who go around causing damage to vehicles and property’s i caught 2 of them out side parents picking up stones and putting in there pockets,when i confronted them all i got was abuse.The police do nothing!!The parents can’t control them or not a care in the world where they are or what they are getting up too.I feel i want to take the law into my own hands.And now because i confronted them it worrys me what could happen to parents.My mother has just had major surgery had tumour removed,my father has just had a hip replacement,also lost ther daughter my sister.So they don’t need all this grief.What can be done i have written letters to neighbours to make them aware,and put signs up neighbourhood watch.

    So please if you no what else can be done,please inform me.Thankyou.

    I really hope your problem gets sorted.

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