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Monday 25th October 2004


Fugitive’s father
sent to prison

by court reporter

BUSINESSMAN Christopher Guest More, 61, of Lymm, near Warrington was jailed for nine months at Chester Crown Court.
He was also ordered to pay ?130,000 court costs.
More had earlier this week pleaded guilty to assisting an offender – his son, Christopher Guest More Jnr, aged 26, who is being hunted by police in connection with a horrific murder at Tabley, near Knutsford, in June last year.
The court had been told that More Snr travelled to Spain about a week after the murder of drug dealer Brian Waters at Tabley.
He took a suitcase containing clothes and ?2,000 in cash.
At the time he was aware his son was in trouble, but had no idea he might be involved in anything as serious as murder.
Later he returned from Spain without the suitcase.
Police are still hunting More Jnr. They say they know he travelled to Spain two days after the murder and was, for a time, in Marbella.
A ?10,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the conviction of people wanted in connection with the murder.
Two men have already been given life sentences at Chester Crown Court for the murder.
James Raven, 44, of Bolton – a cousin of Christopher More Jnr – and John Wilson, 54, of Glossop, were found guilty of murder and two counts of conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm. Another 30-year-old man was cleared.
The court heard how Mr Waters has tortured and killed at a farm at Tabley.
His grown up son and daughter were tied up and forced to watch as he was beaten, whipped, burned and attacked with an industrial staple gun. He was also hung upside down and sexually assaulted with an iron bar, causing fatal internal injuries.

Cycle helmet saved my
life, says teacher

by John Hendon

CRACKED ribs, extensive bruising and a damaged shoulder are just a few of the injuries sustained by cycling enthusiast Malcolm Giles, who was involved in a collision with a car in Warrington.
The 51 year old head of PE at Halton High School says he is only alive today because of the cycle helmet he was wearing at the time of the collision. The married father of three has been a keen cyclist for over 10 years and has lived in Warrington for 25 years.
“If it wasn’t for my cycle helmet I don’t think I would be alive today,” said Malcolm. “I paid ?80 for the helmet, but it saved me a lot more. I can vividly remember my head bouncing and sliding along the road surface and if I hadn’t also been wearing a back pack I would have been skinned along my back. Hospital staff had to cut away the bodysuit I was wearing as the heat of skidding along the surface had melted it onto my knees.”
The impact of the collision split the triangular frame of Malcolm’s bike and folded the back wheel, as well as bending the handle bars and twisting the carbon seat post.
He added: “I’m an outdoor person and I don’t like sitting in a car in traffic jams. Cycling is an active way of life and keeps me fit and healthy. The collision won’t put me off cycling, but I obviously haven’t been back in the saddle yet. I’m currently receiving weekly physiotherapy to get the pain levels under control and it is possible my shoulder may need to be operated on.
This is the fourth time Malcolm has been involved in a collision on the roads, however he feels he is lucky because his fitness levels and his investment in good quality safety equipment has helped him to recover each time and get back in the saddle.
“I think people who don’t wear cycle helmets are extremely silly. I’m trying to educate my children that helmets save lives and I’m the proof.”
Cheshire Police is advising all cyclists to wear protective head gear as well as high visibility clothing, especially with the onset of darker mornings and evenings. In addition cyclists should make sure their bikes are regularly serviced with good breaks, lights and tyres.

Students take French
Leave – to work!

by staff reporter

TWO students from Warrington’s Priestley College have just completed a period of work experience – but not in any kind of ordinary sense.
Rachel Blair and Sarah Raffel, both from Birchwood, have recently complemented their study of A-Level French to great effect having spent a week working in the northern city of Rouen.
The duo took the plunge and were fully prepared to immerse themselves in the country’s language and culture.
After travelling to France by coach, the pair stayed in a small friendly hotel with Rachel spending her days in a local nursery and Sarah in a children’s clothes shop.
Rachel said: “I found the trip exhilarating and stimulating at the same time and the ability to experience France at first hand was ideal.”
Sarah was similarly impressed. She said: “I would like to think that over the course of the week that my French speaking improved enormously and feel better for the experience.”
French tutor Carol Mtitimila added: “The girls returned from their trip bursting with energy and enthused by the overall experience. The exchange certainly worked well for them and should prove invaluable during the course of the current year.”

Trading standards warn
on counterfeit goods

by staff reporter

FAKES AREN’T FUN – that is the latest message from Trading Standards officers at Warrington, who are urging people to stop lining the pockets of criminals dealing in fake goods.
During National Consumer Week Trading Standards officers in the town are warning consumers to think twice before they buy copies of the latest films or fake goods in the run up to Christmas.
Trade in fake goods stands at a massive ?11 billion a year and the impact of this illegal market is not just affecting the manufactures and producers of genuine products, it affects everyone.
Coun Mike Hannon, the borough council’s executive member for community and well being, said: “When we think about fakes and copies, most of us think of CDs, DVD’s and poor quality counterfeit designer clothing.
“Fake toys, electrical products and car parts, however, can put our families at risk. Fake IDs can give bogus doorstep callers a perfect means to con their way into our homes as well as allowing underage young people to buy alcohol”.
“The message Trading Standards wishes to get over is that ‘Fakes aren’t fun'”.
Peter Astley, Trading Standards manager, added: “It is a common misconception that counterfeiting is a ‘victimless’ crime. Nothing could be further from the truth. ‘People traffickers’, criminal gangs and terrorist organisations are behind some of the UK’s illegal trade in fake goods from CDs and videos to designer products and harmful spirits.
“Furthermore, we find that a large number of the people copying these goods are also linked to benefit fraud and in some cases the supply of drugs and child porn”.
Over the last few months officers from Warrington Trading Standards have seized tens of thousands of counterfeit DVD’s, CDs and more than a thousand items of clothing along with counterfeit cigarettes and spirits. They have also seized the equipment that has been used in the counterfeiting process.
If consumers suspect that goods may be counterfeit they are urged to report their suspicions to Trading Standards on 01925 442678.

The retirement flats
that just won’t sell

by David Skentelbery

A PROPERTY developer who built a ?2 million block of retirement flats for elderly single people at Warrington has found he can’t sell them.
Even when he offered to give 10 per cent of total sales to Warrington Wolves Rugby League Club, in a bid to attract pensioner rugby fans, he still got no takers.
Now developer Robert Foden – a lifelong Warrington Wolves’ fan – has persuaded planners to relax a condition that the 12 flats in Whitefield Road, Stockton Heath must only be sold to single people aged 60 or over.
Members of the borough council’s deve

lopment control committee agreed to his application for an amendment to the planning consent to allow unencumbered occupation of the flats.
The committee was told that the apartments were attracting elderly couples rather than single people but that, because of the planning condition, the building remained empty.
Thirteen nearby residents and Stockton Heath and Walton parish councils objected to the amended proposal, which includes creating a larger car park.
They claimed the change could double the occupancy of the building, creating increased noise and activity and additional traffic and having a damaging impact on the street scene.
A spokesman for Walton Parish Council said: “From the outset the developer was aware there was a commercial risk in accepting the original condition.
“Slow sales are no justification for amending the condition and to approve the application would allow a further loss of amenity and have a detrimental effect on the neighbourhood.”
When he originally made the offer to donate 10 per cent of sales proceeds to Warrington Wolves, Mr Foden, 43, said: “I have always been interested in Warrington Rugby League but I grew even more interested when the club moved from the beloved, but out-of-date Wilderspool ground to the fantastic Halliwell Jones Stadium.
“I decided I wanted to give something back to the club.
“Supporters can help as well – the quicker the apartments are sold the quicker the money can be used to sponsor the squad.
“If your Mum, Dad or friend wants to move, why not let some of their money be used to strengthen our squad.”

Art group

by staff reporter

A RANGE of work will be on display when Culcheth Art Group holds its Annual Exhibition from November 25 to 27.
The show, at the Day Centre, Jackson Avenue, will feature a variety of subjects, styles and art mediums. Many works will be on sale.
Visitors are welcome and there will be a raffle and home-made refreshments available.
The show is open on Thursday, November 25 from 7pm to 9pm, Friday from 10am to 9pm and Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

Trader seeks
parking ban

by Lesley Wilkinson

DRIVERS parking outside a shop in Chapel Lane, Stockton Heath, cause difficulties for lorry drivers making deliveries. The shop owner has requested that parking restrictions be imposed along a section of the road during opening hours to allow deliveries to his store. Clerk Peter Briggs told Stockton Heath Parish Council that Warrington Borough Council would investigate the problems and speak to residents about their views.


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