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Mystery solved
By Orbit News Ltd.
Published on 20/04/08 2:00 pm
I enjoy the satellite and aerial maps on the internet and was trying to find My old station Burtonwood RAF base.

from Bruce Peterman 21.12.05
I enjoy the satellite and aerial maps on the internet and was trying to find My old station Burtonwood RAF base.
I couldn't seem to find it and searched till I came to this site. Now I know why I cant find it!
I was there in 1966/67. NATO was pulling out of France. My job was to take the train to Southampton and drive vehicles back to the Depot. I was also the Duty driver and ferried civilians workers ( like the telephone operators) home after their shifts.
I was first sent there from Germany as a group of five truck drivers. I remember the depot was just coming out of mothballs and we were billeted in the housing area in a three room bungalow.
Shortly after that we were moved to makeshift barracks at the airfield. We were given the choice of eating at the mess hall or getting an allowance of 15 dollars a day for food.
It was thought we would be on the road a lot so we had that choice. We all took the money and bought food at a local market. I remember asking the manager to explain the currency to me. He was very friendly , as was every one.
We ask for potato chips and we were told to look in the freezer. Startled for a moment, then I realized what we wanted were "Crisps".
I remember we spent a long time at the Wimpy bar that was next to the river in Warrington. There was a foot bridge and an auto bridge that crossed the river at that point.
I remember a movie house and I bought a ticket for the circle seating. I didn't know what that meant. When I got inside I found it was the balcony. After the movie I walked back to the base. It was mostly rural then.
Looking at the aerial photos now , that has changed.
I remember, as duty driver, one night . I was driving the phone operator home and she was giving directions. Stooping at a country crossroads , I glanced up , and saw that the road sigh said " Penny lane". I thought of the Beatles song and laughed. I was also amused that the river by the Wimpey Bar was the Mersey and that song "Ferry cross the Mersey" was popular at the time.
Two of us took the train to Southampton to pick up trucks. We changed trains in London and took a taxi tour. I was very excited when a large procession of motorcycles and a horse drawn carriage passed by. The Queen and Premier of Russia were in it.
I drove trucks in Germany, France Belgium and Holland. England was my favorite.I just wish I had taken more photos!
Bruce Peterman