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3 How much more can Warrington take?
ANOTHER week of traffic congestion, another week of concerns about developments on Green Belt land and the possibility of a huge distribution centre on Green Belt land at Grappenhall close to the junction of the M6 near Lymm Truck Stop. Read More
0 Smiling on in the face of adversity
I’VE met some pretty inspirational people over the years – but 17-year-old Elizabeth Everett takes some beating when it comes to inspiration and smiling on in the face of adversity. Read More
1 End of an era as iconic water tower set to be demolished
WARRINGTON Borough Council’s proposed demolition of the historic Garnett’s Cabinet Works has caused a storm of protest from local residents who are upset that the iconic water tower feature will be lost from the town’s skyline. Read More
7 “Rude” Mayor issues public apology
WARRINGTON’S Mayor Cllr Les Morgan has issued a public apology following his “rude” behaviour in front of a four-year-old boy who was presenting a petition at the town hall last night. Read More
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