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0 Will there still be Room at the Inn?
WHILE it is good to see additional bedrooms for homeless people being approved at the town’s Salvation Army Hostel, one still is left wondering what impact it may have on the charitable offering from Room at the Inn. Read More
4 Planning going to the dogs!
I’ve been reporting on council planning meetings for more than 30 years, long before the internet and video presentations came along – but the advances in technology seem to have done little to improve the planning process and local democracy based on my recent visit to Warrington Development Management Committee – or planning as we used to call it. Read More
3 How much more can Warrington take?
ANOTHER week of traffic congestion, another week of concerns about developments on Green Belt land and the possibility of a huge distribution centre on Green Belt land at Grappenhall close to the junction of the M6 near Lymm Truck Stop. Read More
0 Smiling on in the face of adversity
I’VE met some pretty inspirational people over the years – but 17-year-old Elizabeth Everett takes some beating when it comes to inspiration and smiling on in the face of adversity. Read More
1 End of an era as iconic water tower set to be demolished
WARRINGTON Borough Council’s proposed demolition of the historic Garnett’s Cabinet Works has caused a storm of protest from local residents who are upset that the iconic water tower feature will be lost from the town’s skyline. Read More
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