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5 Plan to make town centre COVID-19 traffic measures permanent will create even more rat runs!
HAVING been a near-daily visitor to Warrington Town Centre for business and recreational purposes for more than 40 years, I have to say the latest plans to make the temporary COVID-19 related traffic measures permanent, is possibly the most ill-conceived highways proposal I have ever witnessed since the creation of the Bridge Foot chaos, which has now become worse, making three lanes merge into two. Read More
0 A true community champion!
CONGRATULATIONS to “Super Bennie Westwood” on becoming a Honorary Citizen of Warrington, after putting his body on the line for Warrington Wolves for an incredible 18 years. Read More
11 The toxic world of trolling and politics
SITTING through a full day of the trial of a former councillor who has been found guilty of “trolling” retired Warrington North MP Helen Jones by bombarding local news websites with comments under stories, re-enforced to me how toxic the world of politics has become. Read More
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