Road closures for Croft Carnival parade


A number of road closures will be in place this Saturday (July 6) for the annual Croft Carnival parade.

Rolling closures will be in place from 11am and end at 2pm following the safe passage of the parade through the village.

Warrington Borough Council has given notice that on the occasion of Croft Carnival, no cart, carriage, motor car, lorry or other vehicle (excepting vehicles taking part in the event, Police, Ambulance and Fire Service vehicles and Mail Carts) and no horses or other animal be allowed to remain in or travel along or over any of the under mentioned streets:

Between the hours of 11:00 am and 12:15 pm on Saturday 6th July 2024:
Kenyon Lane Heath Road to Wilton Lane

Between the hours of 11.55am and 2.00pm on Saturday 6th July 2024 as required to allow for the safe passage of the Parade:
Heath Lane Kenyon Lane to Lord Street
Sandy Lane Heath Lane to Mustard Lane
Mustard Lane Sandy Lane to Lord Street
Lord Street Mustard Lane to Smithy Brow
Smithy Lane Lord Street to New Lane
New Lane Smithy Lane to Spring Lane
Eaves Brow Road New Lane to Pasture Drive
Pasture Drive Eaves Brow Road to Gerrard Road
Gerrard Road Pasture Drive to Arkenshaw Road
Arkenshaw Road Gerrard Road to Oak Street
Oak Street Oak Street to Smithy Lane

Bicycles and Tricycles are included in the term vehicle and must not be ridden through any part of the above named streets during the hours specified. Any person wilfully acting in contravention of the above Order will be liable to a penalty not exceeding £400.
Vehicular access to premises will only be permitted under the guidance of the organisers.
Pedestrian and emergency routes will be maintained.


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