St Rocco’s Hospice use refreshed brand to remind people of their mission


ST Rocco’s Hospice has been providing care for the people of Warrington since 1985, thanks to the support of the community and dedication of local healthcare professionals.

During that time, the Hospice has cared for thousands of people and has been an unwavering source of strength and love.
The updated branding matches their vision to care for everyone in the community who has been diagnosed with a life-limiting condition.  They offer social, psychological, and spiritual support, as well as managing physical symptoms and providing bereavement care.  Therefore, including their tagline in the logo emphasises that they are ‘making every day count’ to people who need it at the most vulnerable time in their lives.
Supporters, volunteers and staff members gave feedback that green should be the prominent colour as this is the colour that most people associate with St Rocco’s.  To compliment the green, they chose blue because it is traditionally associated with calmness, dignity, and loyalty which they think are important qualities that represent St Rocco’s wide range of care and services.

Is that a chess piece or tower?
The team are often asked if the logo is a chess piece or tower.  It is a tower and signifies that the St Rocco’s is a tower of strength within the Warrington community.  They have added a heart to represent their compassion.

Who was St Rocco?
St Rocco was born around 1340AD and dedicated his life to helping those in need, giving up everything he had and distributing it to the poor.  During his travels, he contracted the plague and took refuge in a cave where he was found by a dog who bought him bread for nourishment.  The owner of the dog was a Lord who found St Rocco and took him to live in his castle where he was nursed and cared for.  He is now known as a protector against contagious diseases.  Their name helps them remember the kindness of people like St Rocco and the tower shows that they are a place that people come for care like the castle where St Rocco was looked after many years ago.
Despite their name, they are there for everyone in Warrington regardless of faiths and cultural backgrounds.

When will we see the new brand?
You may not see any changes as they will only be updating signs and materials when they are needed so it will be an ongoing process over time.  The work done on the rebrand has not incurred any costs and has been a project of love involving volunteers, staff and trustees.
The brand refresh has been launched in time for St Rocco’s 40th year celebration in 2025 as a commitment to modernising their look and services so that they can carry on caring in the ways that the evolving community needs long into the future.

If you would like to hear more about their refreshed brand or about the services offered by St Rocco’s, you can visit the website


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