Badges for High School’s “Silver Readers”


CULCHETH High School’s “Silver Readers” – a group of Year 8 students who read to local senior citizens – have received special badges to mark the first anniversary of the group starting up.

The badges have been presented by Silver Stories, a charity-based project which aims to provide enriching reading experiences for young people by connecting them with older members of the community.
Student “Silver Readers” telephone older people – “Silver Listeners” – every week and read to them.
It can be anything from an extract from a book to a poem.
The experience helps the youngsters enhance their reading fluency and accuracy and also combats the loneliness and isolation experienced by some older people.
Visitors to the school from the local library service were really impressed when they saw the Silver Readers in action.
Over the last 12 months the group has grown.
Latest reading volunteer is Billy McLinden.
He is looking forward to meeting his “listener” and already choosing a text he would like to share.
A school spokesperson said: “Our Silver Readers are making the school very proud and are wonderful ambassadors for the school.”

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