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Controversial homes plan given the go-ahead – after 19 years


A PLAN to build a terrace of up to three homes on a green field site at Culcheth has been given the go-ahead by Warrington planners.

The scheme at Culcheth Hall Farm Barns, Withington Avenue, was opposed by Culcheth and Glazebury Parish Council, 22 neighbours and a number of local councillors.
Similar proposals had been refused, and dismissed on appeal, on three occasions since 2003.

Warrington Borough Council planning officers said the new proposals were very different from the previously dismissed scheme and, on balance, were not considered to contradict the decisions made by inspectors on the earlier schemes.

“The bespoke design of the proposed terrace row, use of quality materials, its compact nature and location within and around the existing built form all combine to complement the existing development on this site, without detracting from the historic character of the barns.
“Residential amenity is similar to existing and is considered to be acceptable,” office said.

The parish council, in its objections, said the new proposal would be an erosion of green space which failed to respect the distinctiveness of the barns by eroding the value of a green area which was a character of the area.

There was also a risk of flooding which was not addressed in the plans and increased use of Withington Avenue would be a potential health and safety issue. Nearby residents said the development would introduce new-build housing to a community of barns dating back to 1633.


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