Council to address complaints as motorists see red after being fined for using bus lane due to confusing signs


WARRINGTON Borough Council says it will address complaints about confusing road signage after an online petition was launched calling for action after numerous motorists received fines for driving in a town centre bus lane.

More than 500 people have already signed a petition calling for road signs around Scotland road to be updated, with clearer access to Town Hill.

Local resident Ashley Abernethy started the online petition to Warrington Borough Council stating: “The road coming in to town via Scotland Rd is incorrectly signposted.
“This as well as the new bus Lane introduced this year has caused many local residents bus Lane fines and stopped access to Town Hill affecting many local businesses.
“I’m looking for the correct signage to be placed to help our community and my business and many more which is situated on town hill and around Scotland road.
“The Road in Buttermarket street suggests all through traffic to the left which leads to the new multi-storey parking for the market. This is outdated and the road sign outside Porter’s pub suggests restricted access for Town Hill which is wrong, as Town Hill is accessible by turning right at the traffic lights.
Many people have no idea as there are no signs or diversions in place to direct you around this very confusing system and there is no prior warning at these lights of the bus gate fine system.
“Please help me and our local residents by signing this petition and making a stand as WBC will not or so far haven’t enforced any changes.”

Another resident Margaret Farmer said: “The petition is looking for clearer signage to prevent confusion resulting in fines and loss of business for Town Hill traders
“I personally would like to know why this has been introduce other than the obvious reason of generating an income for WBC.
“In my opinion it will just drive people away from the town, I can drive to Widnes or the Trafford Centre and park for free and shop.
“Why go to Warrington I have to ask myself?”

Another local resident to receive a fine, Julie Francis said: “I was fuming when I got notice of a fine.
I Wouldn’t mind but the appeals go to a business in Sheffield!
“I wanted to get to Pig Hill to disabled bays. It’s disgusting!
She has taken up an appeal direct to Warrington Borough Council Chief Executive Prof. Steven Broomhead.

A Warrington Borough Council spokesperson said: “All of the signage notifying motorists of the new bus lane cameras on Scotland Road has been thoroughly checked and is in order. Warning notices were issued for three weeks ahead of the cameras being activated.
“Before the cameras were activated, we introduced additional signage to warn motorists – and even if they get to the bus gate they can easily avoid travelling through it by performing a U-Turn at the roundabout if approaching from the north, or by turning right into Cockhedge Way if approaching from the south.
“However, we recognise the feedback given and we will be addressing this in the coming days through additional communications. We will be issuing a further media release and distributing leaflets to local businesses, which will advise of the revised routes to follow to and from Town Hill and Prince Henry Square car park.”

bus lane

The Bus Lane causing confusion


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  1. Clearly something is wrong despite the Council’s protestations. These changes slipped under the radar so clearly consultation was inadequate and people following their normal route have been penalized. Only 3 weeks for warnings and appeals outsourced – for at least a further 3 months first offences should have been only a warning.
    Perhaps the Council should put up notices as you approach town such as ‘ Warrington welcomes careful drivers who don’t stop- follow red route for Trafford Centre. Blue route for Liverpool One or Green route for Widnes’. Job done and plenty of empty shops to turn into flats.

  2. Another councils money making bus lane shown to help confusing signs there seems to be a pattern, they install bus lanes put up confusing signs take thousands of pounds in fine and some time they get caught out by the signs and then complain about having to refund the fines they issue. Its about bus lanes where controlled by central government and not local, but now they are been given control over orange boxes at road junction. Local government should have no control of any road regulations.

  3. I drove towards this bus lane from the Winwick Street direction. Luckily I drive with my eyes open so I spotted the signage and turned back at the mini roundabout. Result: No fine.

  4. Don’t live in Warrington anymore, but occasionally come into Town Centre to visit friends.

    On the day in question, I as normal, drove from Winwick Street car park down Scotland Road to pick up the Cockhedge roundabout on my way out of Warrington at 16.11 on a dark winters night.

    I admit I transgressed, didn’t see the signage, my fault.

    However as a consequence will now meet my friends just outside Warrington at a nice rural pub.

    Enjoy my £30.00, it’s the last money that will flow into Warrington’s local economy from my pocket.

    PS Merry Xmas to everyone and be safe.

  5. I’m still confused … if I approachTown Hill via Dial St an Buttermarket Street to the traffic lights an turn right at the Weatherspoons public house I’m driving straight into the New Bus Lane to access the Disabled Parking on Town Hill … it’s impossible NOT to go in the Bus Lane ????? Help !!!!

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