5 Shows That Are Worth Binge Watching Before 2021 Ends


It’s safe enough to say that the pandemic has taken the digital age a notch higher. The internet has made a massive contribution in easing everyone’s lives during these trying times.

Suffice it to say, it’s too massive since there’s literally a separate plane of existence on the internet.

From countless selections of digital books for students to online systems for your remote work—the internet is chock-full of things to keep everyone going on with their lives despite the global health crisis. While more is merrier, it sometimes becomes a chore to choose among a staggering number of options.

The same could be said in having to choose what show to watch. Scrolling up and down from the long list of shows has become a chore in and of itself. Well, no one can blame you. Each series is just as exciting and tempting as the other, after all.

As a budding couch potato, having many options like the ones in the list of Big Sky TV shows is all good, but having to select which to watch is a different story. Well, fret not. As the year is about to bid its farewell, here are five shows that are worth binge-watching before 2021 ends.

  1. American Horror Story

What’s one surefire way to keep yourself from having to spend lots of time selecting a show? Watch something extremely long

Already in its 10th installment, the American horror anthology series American Horror Story (AHS) has taken horror fans to the other side of this genre. While it still features the classic jump-scare antics of horror shows, what separates AHS from its brethren is its discussion of several important themes. Such include bullying, queer acceptance, teenage angst, among others, making AHS worth every second of your attention.

Also, what’s not to love with horror shows based on true stories? Incidentally, the AHS franchise is inspired by a list of historical events. The infamous Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles inspired its fifth season Hotel. The gruesome murder or Elizabeth Short, or more commonly known as the ‘Black Dahlia’, is the basis of the first season Murder House.

  1. Anne with an ‘E’

If you’ve fantasized about living in the countryside, taking in the fresh air, basking in the warmth of the sun, and relishing the simplistic way of life, then Anne with an ‘E’ is the perfect series for you. As an adaptation of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s 1908 classic, ‘Anne of Green Gables’, this show carries a portion of everyone’s childhood in it.

With three seasons in total, each featuring the wild adventures of the orphan Anne Shirley-Cuthbert, Anne with an ‘E’ made everyone remember that blood-relations fall short in the true meaning of family. Her quirkiness, fearsome disposition with life, and propensity for learning will surely make you feel like being friends with her.

Also, you’ll want her to be your family more than ever, as you witness her go head-to-head in fighting for women’s rights, anti-colorism, acceptance, among others while navigating the ins and outs of adolescence. Anne with an ‘E’ is a show that people of all ages will absolutely adore.

  1. Arcane

Maybe the oddest inclusion in this list, Riot Games’ and Fortiche’s animation series, Arcane, is a show you probably didn’t know you needed.  Despite being an animated series, Arcane features an extremely intricate portrayal of what will happen when the government doesn’t listen to its citizens.

Moreover, Arcane discusses the importance of having to strike a balance between progress and sacrifice. When faced with an opportunity to save the majority, will you be willing the sacrifice the minority?

  1. Squid Game

Perhaps you’ve heard of this already, perhaps not. Either way, Squid Game’s recent fame is all well-justified. This South Korean survival series features hundreds of players fighting against each other for, well, prize money. While the plot may have been overused, the charm of Squid Game lies in its unbridled and grotesque cinematography, and most importantly. its allegorical value.

It’s safe to say that Squid Game captured the essence of the relationship between the proletariat and the bourgeoise—the working class and the rich. How it’s always the working class who struggles, and how the rich feed off of them as they pull all the strings. And now that the globe is plunging into a future of uncertainty, the show has become all the more relevant.

  1. Midnight Mass

When it comes to religious shows, people often think of crosses, the rupture, or even angels and demons or heaven and hell. But, how about an island in the middle of nowhere with seagulls dying all over? If that’s new, then Midnight Mass is for you and it still has an array of tricks up its sleeve to make your time worthwhile.

Midnight Mass is one of Netflix’s new limited and original series released last September 2021. Despite being relatively short with only seven episodes, the excitement you’ll get and the questions you’ll have may last even until next year.

Jokes aside, Midnight Mass offers a breath of fresh air to the suspense genre. So, why prolong the suspense when you can watch it now?

In a Nutshell

With the continuous rise of streaming sites and other digital media to make everyone’s lives comfier and more entertaining, you’re faced with the problem of having to plan your bucket list ahead of time. With the ones above, you already have five shows that will make your days-off well-spent.


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