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Why Should You Wear Glasses on Your Commute?


Getting to and from work sometimes requires a lot of driving, and attention to detail. Whether you have a long journey ahead of you, or need to make journeys as part of your job role, you want to always make sure that your vision does not suffer.

Wearing your prescription glasses on your way to and from work, as well as throughout your shift, can improve your eyesight and make your working day that much easier.

Improve Vision

Procuring a good quality set of frames, and correct prescription lenses, from EyeBuyDirect.com (click the link to see their guide on high index lenses if you’re wondering how thick or thin yours need to be), can go a long way towards improving your vision whilst driving, walking, or cycling. While this can make the driving itself that much easier, there are also the safety aspects to consider. Vehicles in themselves are dangerous, whether you use a car, van, or motorbike.

You also need to factor in any blind spots that your vehicle has. Even with additional safety equipment, it is still down to the driver to ensure they are checking all around them, both when moving off and general driving. Improved vision can also help with non-vehicular means of travel. Walking and cycling can be great for your health, but you still need to be aware of your surroundings. Wearing your glasses could make a big difference regarding crossing roads and junctions safely.

Licence Requirements

Some licences have different codes on them, relating to any restrictions or exemptions. A 01 code on your licence means that you have problems with your eyesight. Once reported to the DVLA, it is essential that you wear your glasses for the full duration of your drive. Failure to do so can lead to loss of licence, as well as potential fines, and even invalidating your insurance. This could greatly affect your employability.

Minimise Glare

Glare on the roads can be incredibly detrimental to any type of driver, whether that be a person on a motorcycle, in a standard car, and in a Heavy Goods Vehicle. Glare can come from a number of places, such as the reflection of lights in the rain or snow, bright sunlight dazzling the driver, and even from light at night. You can opt to have anti-glare lenses, which are tinted to limit the amount of glare you face when driving. There are even types of lenses that are optimised for night-time drives. By considering these when next upgrading your frames, or attending a standard eye test, you can improve your overall level of road safety, and reduce the likelihood of fines caused by dangerous driving during adverse weather conditions.

While you may not consider your glasses to act in the same way as a seatbelt or cycle helmet, their addition to the safety of both yourself and others around you cannot be highlighted enough. Keeping your glasses on may make all the difference between seeing a risk during your drive, or spotting a problem with your vehicle, as opposed to being involved in an accident. Not only would this affect your working day, but also possibly your life. No matter how you get to work, keep your glasses on your face to give yourself the best vision possible.


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