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Is at-home fitness the new normal?


The events of this year have changed our lives in many ways. Seeing gyms closing and having to spend more time at home are two of these changes. Keeping fit is still so important, is exercising at home the new normal?

In our attempts to stay ft, going to the gym has become increasingly popular. There are so many adverts attempting to get new members. With free classes being available and some with 24/7 opening times, it’s easy to see so many people join up.

As the pandemic continues though, the situation has changed. Gyms have had to close during lockdowns and even when the latest one ends; restrictions of some kind could prevent them opening again. We are allowed to go out for exercise but as the weather gets worse, the desire to do that falls.

All of which means that at-home fitness has become more popular. There are plenty of ways in which this can be carried out, not all of them involving the latest Joe Wicks work-out. This desire for home-fitness is important of course. Keeping fit will help protect you from other illnesses and keep you occupied. You can’t just spend lockdown binge-watching the latest series of ‘The Crown’ can you?

At least when doing some home exercise, you are doing something constructive. This crisis will ease and when it does, it is important that we are as fit as can be. The demand for home fitness equipment is on the rise. If we can’t go to the gym, then the gym equipment can come to us.

Don’t just go out and buy any workout equipment though. Buying good quality products doesn’t have to cost you a fortune but can keep you fit. Thankfully there are some excellent sites that can give information for example about the Best Treadmill to buy.

Buying a product whether it be a treadmill, or an exercise bike can help soothe that disappointment over not being able to go to the gym. Regular gym users will have had a training schedule and it is important to keep to that at home. The temptation in this new ‘normal’ is not just to binge on television shows. Eating more is also likely to happen so that fitness regime has to be maintained.

The shops may not be open but thank heavens for the internet. We can access online sites that are packed with fitness equipment. If your spending budget has fallen, then there are other ways of exercising. Walk up and down the stairs, do some press-ups and go online to see all the workouts.

No one wants this new ‘normal’ to continue for too long, it already feels like an age though. We need to make the most of a bad situation.  Who wants to return to the gyms when they re-open having put on a few pounds?

Adapting is a keyword at present. If we have to exercise more at home, then so be it. Just doing something is the most important task.




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