Transforming your digital marketing


by Dreamscape Solutions

MOST businesses are taking a strategic approach to their digital marketing strategy post-pandemic but freezing long-term plans has the potential to cause damage.

The pandemic has caused lasting damage to sales and lead pipelines for many businesses, and they must evolve to the new landscape to survive. Now more than ever, the amount of people that are actively looking for services online has increased massively. During the lockdown, people’s shopping behavior changed, and the increase in online scrolling and spending is highly likely to continue through 2020.
Adapting to the current climate is your best chance to thrive, and the way to do that is through innovation in your digital marketing.
Let’s look at how you can begin your digital transformation:
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the most cost-effective way to put your business in front of customers. SEO focuses on what your customers are searching for to find your business. If you want to rank for a keyword or improve your current ranking position, SEO is the correct strategy. As people’s shopping habits have changed, something that businesses should be working on is improving their digital footprint. People that are still furloughed or working from home aren’t popping into shops on their lunch break or grabbing breakfast before work. They have more time to shop online now, and when they do, there’s an opportunity to put your business in front of them.  In lockdown, the focus shifted significantly towards supporting local businesses and sourcing items closer to home, and the best way to ensure you’re found locally is to have a great SEO strategy. Having one in place can generate leads, sales, and enquiries for your business.
2.PPC advertising
Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can position you at the top of the search engine results page, so you are visible to customers, right when they are searching. PPC ads are the top four results that appear on Google. When starting, it’s best to test paid traffic sources to see which will work better for your business. The winning mixture will depend on your audience, but there are multiple you should consider testing, such as google ads, Facebook ads, twitter ads and LinkedIn ads. With many people still working from home, utilising their new shopping behaviour with PPC advertising is a great way to boost your business profile and encourage conversions. In response to COVID, Google is offering free ad spend for any small or medium-sized businesses who have spent via google ads in ten months of 2019. Those eligible will receive up to £800 ad credit to use before the end of 2020.
3.Social media
Social media is the ultimate communicative tool that gives you the power to talk to your audience directly and encourage traffic to your site. With social distancing still in place, the power of social media cannot be underestimated. It has helped many businesses provide their services online if they have no digital shopfront and kept the lines of communication open with their audience. The best way to start is to identify the social media channel that your target audience is using and what will work best for your business. Creating a community should be your next step, and ask yourself what kind of content do your audience want to see? By building your following on social media, you create value and trust, which encourages customers to engage and convert. Social media is imperative for brand growth and sales.
If you’re interested in knowing more about how we can help with digital transformation, email Dreamscape at [email protected] or call 01925 755960.


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