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Celebrating Special Events from a Distance


As the months roll on, we are getting used to the fact that we are missing special occasions that we would normally be present for; birthdays, weddings, funerals, and with the usual New Year spectacular cancelled, what is going to be allowed at Christmas is still up in the air.

This doesn’t mean that we need to write off an event, just because we are not allowed to be near each other physically, it doesn’t mean that we can’t be resourceful and find different ways to be together for these special events.

Technology has come into its own, and many people are using it to keep in touch with their loved ones daily,  and are even streaming events like weddings on platforms such as Zoom, so while you can’t be there in person, at least you’re not missing out.

Let’s take a look at other ways to celebrate special events from a distance.

Make and Send Homemade Greeting Cards

There is something special about homemade items. The thought and care that goes into creating something from scratch and personalising it for the recipient is incredible, and the love and appreciation they feel from such a heartfelt gift is immeasurable. However, if you’re not an overly crafty person, there are plenty of shops online that can help you out with personalised cards, all you have to do is upload the photos and write the words that you want to express, and it can be sent straight to their door.

Send a Gift Voucher

A gift voucher is something far more personal than cash, but also gives the person receiving it much more choice on what to get for themselves – a win-win! Because of the variety of gift vouchers that we can all choose from now; we would be hard-pressed not to find something that would suit for any occasion. Giftsvouchers.co.uk have an extensive collection of gift vouchers. From coffee to dinner, cinema to clothes shopping, even days out, they have you covered.

Organise A Drive-By Party

A unique and somewhat special version of a party is a drive-by gathering, where those who are participating stay in their cars and drive by with banners, music, or whatever other celebratory things they can think of, while the person to be celebrated watches their special parade at a safe distance. Thanks to the lockdown, we have all got creative, and this is one of the favourites where loved ones can all see each other safely and make someone else feel loved.

Send Flowers or a Cake

What is a celebration without flowers or a cake? They are classic for a reason. Both are a lovely way to send your well wishes and congratulations, especially if you know their favourites.

With the sheer amount of variety that businesses offer now, flowers and cake can be the polar opposite of classic! And if those options do not suit, there are other fun edible gifts that can be delivered straight to the front door too.


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