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6 Old House Items You Can Sell and Make Money Online


One of the best ways to earn money or to declutter your home is to sell your old items. Now, this used to be what would call for a garage sale, but in today’s day and age the internet has taken over how we run commerce of all sizes.

But the overall objective remains, earn some cash through pre-loved items. How much you’ll earn depends on the value and the demand for it.

Here are some of the things that you can find in your house that you can sell online:

1.   Video Games

Your old video games can be valuable for many players who are looking for old affordable games to add to their collection. Brandon from The Old School Game Vault, a trusted buyer of old games, states that selling old video games have been made easier than ever before. All you have to do is search for the name of the video game you’re selling and you’re good to go. If you have kids or a gamer yourself, who have games that are not anymore used, you can really benefit from selling them to a reputable buyer.

2.   Books

Similar to video games, books or comic books are one of the things in the house that may be collecting dust. If you have vintage comic books or a limited edition copy of certain books, people would pay good money for them if you know where to sell them. You can also sell them to bookstores who’ll give you 50% store credits or a quarter of its monetary value in cash. But if you’re not one to carry them around to bookstores, then selling them online would be the most convenient way to dispatch them.

3.   Collectibles

Toys or limited edition collectible items would be a good source of revenue if you’re looking to get some cash. Collectors are always looking for rare and valuable memorabilia of famous pop-culture icons from a range of different genres. Toys in the original edition and mint condition will fetch a lot of money for obvious reasons. You’ll be surprised how much your old toys are worth it now, so you may want to scour your old boxes labeled “toys” and see if you can find items you can sell online.

4.   Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories

Raiding your wardrobe for old clothing to sell will be one of the good places to start if you’re thinking of selling your stuff online. If you have vintage designer items, you can actually collect a fair amount of cash for them. Shoes are also in high demand, depending on its condition and its make. One example is the iconic Christian Louboutin stilettos are selling for over $600 on known online marketplaces.

5.   Furniture

Furniture is one of the things that you’d want to sell online, mainly because you’d only want to move them if a buyer has already paid for it. Many collectors are looking for old and unique pieces and are willing to pay a good price for them. Right now, old furniture with Scandinavian features is popular as well as a set of a vintage Italian living room.

6.   Vinyl Records

Vinyl records are now considered vintage and many music lovers are inclined to buy them to appreciate the era of analog recording. These items could sell for a hundred to a couple of thousand dollars depending on the record. Many music stores are buying and selling them and a lot of them are active in the online marketplace.

A Nielsen survey indicated that each home has an average of $3,000 worth of unused things that you can sell. It doesn’t have to be found in your house, if you don’t own some of these items you can arrange to broker a deal in exchange for a cut of the profits. You just need to invest in your time and energy to determine which of these items could help you put some cash in your pockets.


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