Letter of thanks from Coronavirus Support Warrington


My name is Julie Allen and at the start of this pandemic back in March, I set up a Facebook group called Coronavirus Support Warrington.

The aim was to provide all the people of Warrington with a one stop shop of support, advice, information and data on the virus. It now has nearly 1.6k members of all ages and backgrounds from all areas of Warrington. They really are a wonderful group of people who make everyone new feel welcome and supported.
As you know, over the last few months we have given thanks and praise to NHS workers, carers, shop workers, postal workers, refuse collectors and teachers to name a few, all very worthy and deserving of our adulation, I am sure you will agree! However there are a few notable people though, that fall outside of these frontline categories but have still made a difference in their own way. So I thought it would be great to highlight and thank someone, who I think has made a positive contribution to the people of Warrington throughout this pandemic…Warrington Worldwide’s – Gary Skentelbery.

A lot of work goes into collating all the very latest Covid-19 information, updates, news and numbers for the members of the Coronavirus Support Warrington group on Facebook, and it has led me countless times to articles and information released by Gary Skentelbery at Warrington Worldwide. I think his coverage of this pandemic to keep the people of Warrington informed, has been fantastic. I myself have also been reporting on Warrington’s statistics since the 17th March and this aspect alone has been no easy task, I can tell you! I have seen articles from Gary released from early morning, til late in the evening, 7 days a week, and I have no hesitation in giving praise where I think it’s due.
Pause…before anyone jumps on their super high horse, I am not offering up thanks and praise for all press and media!!! Rather, I am referring specifically here to the team at Warrington Worldwide, in particular Gary Skentelbery. He has consistently provided the people of Warrington, with so many relevant articles and shared information as soon as it’s been released throughout the duration of the virus thus far. Alongside this has been the arduous task of gathering and double checking the statistics on a daily basis. This is to ensure, like myself, that what’s released that day is the most current and accurate data available.

Consequently, I would like to say a huge thank you to Gary for his hard work on the coverage of this pandemic, this has been an invaluable resource to myself and the people of Warrington…so, thank you and please keep up the great work!
Take care & stay safe

JulieCoronavirus Support Warrington.

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