Warrington children join worldwide “strike” for climate change


A GROUP of children came together at Bank Park from across Warrington and surrounding areas and  joined in today’s worldwide  #youthstrike4climate campaign . 

The global movement  saw young people striking in over 1000 locations across the globe and over 100 towns and cities across the UK.

The youngsters wanted to bring the message to Warrington, to encourage the town and its residents to cut carbon emissions and to save the planet for future generations while there is still  time. With chants of “Sea levels are rising, but so are we!”, the young people marched from the Town Hall to the town centre, rounding off the protest with a ‘picnic with placards’ and a visit from Warrington South  MP Faisal Rashid.  Their chants were met with shouts of encouragement and praise from passing shoppers.

Hazel Hughes, a mum from Lymm organised the strike with a group of friends, after her children asked if they could take part.

She said: “The kids read about the youth strikes in a magazine, and asked me if they could join in. I fully support the young people in their brave and peaceful demonstrations. They won’t be able to vote for nearly a decade, and yet they are the ones who will inherit this planet, whatever state we leave it in. This is their way of making their voices heard and I stand with them”.

The group of young activists comprised  school children as well as children from Warrington’s HomeEducation community.

You can read more about the Youth Climate Strikes here:

Quotes from the kids:

“I want to show people that we can make the world a better place for us kids when we grow up, and make people realise that the future is in their hands” – Ben Hughes, age 9, Statham Primary School, Lymm

“Our earth is getting hotter and hotter, I want adults to stop polluting the air and the water, and make some big changes” – Robert Hughes, age 6, Statham Primary School, Lymm”

“If we carry on like this the world won’t be fun any more. It’s so sad to see the percentage of animals becoming extinct too” – Jacob, age, 10, Statham Primary School, Lymm

“The climate is changing and lots of animals are dying. I want the government to do something because they can make the biggest change.” – Cleo, 9, Latchford

‘’I protested today because I want the world to be better, no-one is doing anything about climate change so the more people that strike, the more people will join and the more we can make a difference’’ Cameron Woods, Aged 9, Latchford






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