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Tips for driving in the ice and snow


AFTER A few years of expected snow, especially in the first parts of the year, residents of Warrington are starting to get used to the idea of driving on the snow.

But regardless of the predicted weather forecasts and weather warnings from the emergency services, motorists are still getting caught out on the roads as gritting lorries try to keep up with the requirements.

De-ice your car properly
Pouring hot water out of a kettle over windscreen could easily cause cracks. It is not advised use your windscreen wipers either, as this will cause damage to the blades. Use a de-icer/scraper, and clear any snow off the top of the car and tyres as well as all the mirrors and windows.

Look after the battery of your car
Flat batteries are one of the most common reasons for cold weather callouts. The RAC says: “Before you start the car in the morning, make sure everything is switched off, including the heater, blower and light switches. Turn the ignition key to the ‘on’ position for two or three seconds to allow the electronics to get going, then engage the engine. That is the least load on the battery you can have to start the vehicle.”

Make sure you have good insurance

It is important for everyone to have good car insurance, especially during the cold weather. Finding a cheap car insurance will make it easier for you to keep your car insured during the cold months.

Higher gears are better
When setting off in your car, try setting off in a higher gear. This reduces wheel rotations, so decreasing your chance of skidding in the snow and ice. Go down through the gears to help you slow down, applying the brakes only now and then.


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