What is a Landing Page and What is It Used For?


If you have recently stepped into the digital marketing domain, you may have heard about landing pages. But, since you are just starting out, you may not know what a landing page is and what is it used for.

If these questions are troubling you and you are afraid to ask someone for help, then you are at right place. We are going to explain in layman’s terms what a landing page is and what it is used for.

Landing Page

A landing page is a standalone webpage that is designed to encourage a user to take a particular action like sign up for an email list, buy a course or an eBook or interact with the brand in other ways. A visitor lands on the landing page after clicking a promotion, ad or search result. A landing page can capture the information of a visitor through a form in which they enter their details.

Landing pages are tightly focused and don’t have the same elements as other pages of your website. They keep the visitor focused on a specific offer and minimize the distractions to prompt them to take action. When a visitor takes a desired action like buying your eBook or online course, it is called a conversion. Landing pages increase your conversion rate because they are more focused on your specific offers.

Uses of Landing Page

1.     Tracking Metrics

Landing pages are used for tracking metrics on advertising and marketing campaigns. This can help you adjust your content, imagery, design and other elements of the webpage.

2.     Launch Campaigns and Increase Sales

Landing pages can also help you launch campaigns. For instance, you have compiled an interesting and helpful eBook for your audience, but you are not well-known in the market to get many people to buy that book. A landing page can help you launch a campaign to market that eBook. By using an ad or a promotion, you can direct visitors to your landing page that has compelling information about your eBook with a call-to-action at the end that prompts visitors to buy the book. Thus, you can increase your sales with a landing page.

3.     Building Credibility

According to VM Interactive, landing pages can assist a business in building credibility. Since they are targeted and focused, landing pages give users exactly what they want. There are no distractions and not a single second of your prospects’ valuable time is wasted. You start with the incentive or offer and compel the visitor to take action.

4.     Build Mailing List

Landing pages are also used for lead generation. You can include a form in a landing page that asks for the information of a user such as their email address. With those email addresses, you can grow your mailing and send out announcements, promotions or newsletters to people who signed up.



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