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Top most successful startups in Kenya


Technology, high levels of literacy and the ambitiousness of Kenyan entrepreneurs are some of the major reasons why the number of startups in Kenya has increased.

Today, a person can access the internet regardless of where they are in the country. Infrastructure has also improved in the country, giving many people to establish startups in Kenya. Notably, startups that have been driven by individuals with high entrepreneurial skills have experienced a lot of growth.

Tuko news Kenya prepared a list of successful startups in Kenya. Have a look at it.
1. Flare
This is one of the successful tech startups in Kenya to watch out for. This is an application that was built with the aim of enabling people to access ambulances fast. It operates like Uber, only that Flare deals with enabling access to ambulances. Through this app, a person can request for an ambulance very fast and easy. This startup has helped in saving the lives of many people being that an ambulance arrives very fast when a person makes a request.

2. M-Kopa solar

This company installs solar systems in homes, enabling people to have access to light. It is one of the best business startups in Kenya because it has promoted the use of solar energy that is renewable. In the past, many people, especially rural areas used kerosene lamps that were not only detrimental to their health but also did not provide enough light at home. Today, the company has installed solar units to several homes, which has made access to light affordable.

3. Chura
Chura, meaning frog, is arguably one of the best business startups in Kenya. This is an application that allows communication and transfer of services between different mobile networks. It allows a person to send airtime to another network. A person can also send money to different mobile networks using this application. For instance, through Chura, a person using Safaricom mobile network can buy data for a person using Airtel.

4. Fuzu
Among the most excellent startups in Kenya 2018 that have caused a positive transformation in the lives of people is Fuzu. This is a recruitment platform that was founded in 2015. It also provides career tips and learning tools to subscribers. When a person gets an account with Fuzu, they are alerted of available jobs from several companies in the country that they can apply for. Through this platform, thousands of job seekers have landed jobs.

5. PesaBazaar
PesaBazaar has come in handy to enlighten people about insurance. The platform provides insurance options that individuals can choose from. PesaBazaar compares the insurance policies provided by different companies in the areas including car insurance, life insurance and medical insurance among others. As people seeking security for their future, it is wise that they get the details they need to know before taking an insurance policy. Many people like PesaBazaar because it provides them with valuable information regarding insurance policies options.


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