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Should council enforce 20mph speed limits?


COUNCILS could enforce 20mph limits by collaborating with local police.
This is the view of Warrington-based Rod King, founder of the Twenty’s Plenty movement.
Mr King says local authorities could institute public prosecutions for non-compliance with 20mph limits to transform community streets.
He says it is an established fact that lower speeds reduce casualties and 20mph is a key threshold above which pedestrian and cyclist danger rises rapidly.
But while local authorities can gain large benefits for society from properly marketed and enforced wide-area 20mph limits, a cap on police resources and competing calls for those resources means that many forces are reluctant to commit sufficient resources to deter non-compliance.
A generally held view that it is only the police that can enforce 20mph or other limits. However, legislation may provide appropriate scope for local authorities to institute criminal proceedings for speed limit violation if it is authorised by a police force to do so.
Local Authorities can, by prior arrangement, use their powers in collaboration with their police force to initiate public prosecutions against speeding drivers as well as having the powers to identify registered keepers of vehicles.
Sharing the burden of enforcing 20mph limits could free up police resources for other work, he says


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  1. No need for the 20 MPH speed limit. just get one or two of the lycra clad brigade in front of your vehicle and HEYYYYYYYY instant road block !!

  2. Personally I think in most places but not all it is a riduclous speed limit. Would be interesting to know using the FOI act if accidents have reduced since it’s introduction.

  3. Sounds to me as if Mr King’s much vaunted 20mph limit isn’t working, so the considerable amounts of money spent on it by cash-strapped councils, has been wasted.

  4. a lot of our money has been wasted already
    far to many streets are access only which compounds the problem of traveling in this town
    think Mr King wants Warrington residents all to have bikes

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