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Boost Your Business with GPS Tracker from Uboro


Currently, installing GPS trackers and applications is the most inexpensive and easy method to be always aware of where the car is, how fast it moves, and what route it takes.

This appliance has the ability to track the movement of the vehicle and send data to the Internet server. This solution can be useful not only for motorists but also for transport companies, such as taxi services, passenger and freight fleet, etc.

Improve Safety & Service Quality

When it comes to passenger transportation, Uboro is a smart solution to improve safety and service quality. Specifically, the appliance can be used to

  • Increase transportation safety;
  • Monitor traffic routes and schedules;
  • Know everything about the movement of the vehicle;
  • Account for reversible transport flights;
  • Improve the quality of passenger transportation.

The performance of the GPS monitoring system has a very low chance of failing, after a special device embedded in a car or any other vehicle. Together with a specialized application, it will allow you to:

  • See routes of moving objects; monitor the changing speed, distance, and the volume of objectively consumed fuel along the route;
  • Be aware of all cases of unauthorized use or inadequate driver actions;
  • Look at the follow-up route in the form of the report, with the entire route being marked as a continuous line;
  • Track the increase of fuel efficiency and optimize the working time by using total control and fixing all deviations of the car from the specified route, exposing fuel leaks, unplanned long breaks in work, etc.;
  • Monitor the state of the car systems. In addition, there is the possibility of the remote control: open/ close various locking mechanisms (doors, special cargo compartments).

On top of that, you can get access to the system from any computer anywhere in the world. This is one of the many advantages of Uboro. You only need to know your login and password. Thus, several people can use the system simultaneously; for example, your manager and you can see where this car is located and enquire the necessary information.

Other Benefits of the Software

Apart from the unlimited possibilities Uboro provides to the customers, you can also benefit from the 90-day free trial period and the absence of any compliance restrictions you may experience when choosing a tracker. Uboro supports any GPS equipment that the client wants to use with the software. What is more, if the client does not have a tracker, he can download the simulator free of charge.

In other words, Uboro gives an efficient instrument without restricting customers in their right to choose the device they need. The company doesn’t force clients to sign contracts for a year or so. Instead, they provide a 3-month trial period for customers to make sure the software if effective and easy to use. You must admit that Uboro is a fresh look at the ordinary tasks and operations. It is the most modern, simple, and powerful tool on the monitoring market. Interested? Visit the official website and enquire more information about the product and the new services that are going to be introduced to the market soon. Improve fleet management and tasks logistics with Uboro.



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