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MP’s “outrage” as CCTV cameras go up overnight in two villages


MP Helen Jones today expressed her outrage that CCTV cameras were installed overnight in the villages of Croft and Culcheth without any consultation with residents or local councillors.
The Warrington North MP was contacted by residents after the cameras appeared overnight without any consultation or explanation.
Following her intervention the cameras have been removed.
Ms Jones said: “After contacting the council I learnt that the cameras were put up by a company called Streetwise on behalf of another company called I-Transport who were acting for Peel Holdings.
“ It makes one wonder why Peel Holdings are targeting this area and which green spaces they want to build on next. The cameras were apparently for a traffic survey which, as it was being done in half-term, would not have revealed the real volume of traffic in the area.
“I was very concerned about who was collecting this data and why. There were also issues of privacy and data protection involved. People did not know who was collecting information or how it would be used.”
The MP said the cameras hade now been taken down and the council had conceded that they should not have been put up without consultation.
She added: “This should never have been allowed to happen. It’s yet another example of council officers bending over backwards for developers and ignoring the rights of residents.”

Pictured: The Horseshoe Inn in the centre of Croft village


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  1. Well I wouldn’t want to disappoint would I? This week WBC, next week the NHS, followed by Livewire. Probably a double dose for Livewire actually. And then back to WBC again. She is fast becoming a parody of herself. The press release only MP strikes again. Whilst over in Warrington South the new Labour MP is meeting government ministers to try and persuade them to change their minds. Two local Labour MP’s. But two vastly different approaches.

  2. Billywires do you just see Helen Jones name then immediately think of something negative to say about her on any story involving her? I can’t say I’m particularly keen on the woman and I don’t really think she has achieved a great deal as an MP…the same cam be said for many otehr MP’s too though unfortunately.
    However as a ‘normal’ person who is not remotely interested in party politics or party bickering and the likes I tend to read the WHOLE of the news articles and I focus mainly on the issue it is about rather than who is saying it.
    In this case it’s about Peel Holdings installing CCTV type cameras, without proper consent and then collecting some sort of data about US … for a reason UNKNOWN.
    Are you not concerned that CCTV is being used by Peels for ‘something or other’ or even a little intrigued to know WHAT data they are collating any WHY?
    Maybe someone should ask Peels what info they were hoping to capture and why….over to you Gary…I’m sure they will oblige and explain what it was there for if you ask them nicely and say they are getting another slating everywhere and conspiracy theories are already starting to go around 😉

    • Maybe the same could be said of Helen? A force for all things negative if ever there was. And it seems that your views aren’t too dissimilar from mine? That you are none too keen on her and can’t think of a single positive impact that she has on the town. The fact that you think that she isn’t the only MP with similar traits doesn’t excuse her. But this story is only one aspect. The part of it about temporary cameras being installed doesn’t concern me, nor would it if I lived there. I think it’s a non issue being whipped up. The other aspect is Helen’s motivation for issuing this story. It fits neatly into how she operates which is to continually finger point and hector at others from the sidelines, and at the same old targets, even when she has little of no idea of what she is talking about. Not that that seems to bother her. All that she wants is the headlines before moving on to the next target. Trust me, I’d sooner she became an MP with an altogether more positive vibe. It might rub off on me, you never know. But I think that hell will have to freeze over first.

  3. The MP for Culcheth Glazebury and Croft is “outraged” again.

    Isn’t this the work of ward councillors? Where is their very own village MP on big things that really matter for people that she can influence? Bed blocking, public funding, transport infrastructure or universal credit perhaps for a start. A bag of lukewarm air.

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