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House-in-garden plan thrown out


A  PLAN to build a detached house in the garden of an existing house at Stockton Heath has been rejected by Warrington planning chiefs.
Members of the borough’s development management committee decided the scheme would have an adverse impact on adjoining properties, including bungalows which would be overlooked.
The scheme in Denbury Avenue would have involved demolition of an existing detached garage to make way for the proposed house.
An earlier scheme was also refused and the new project had been amended and scaled down.
But eight nearby residents objected, supported by Cllr Graham Wellborn, who believed the proposed house would be overbearing to the surrounding properties.
There are also concerns that proposals for a shared driveway with an adjoining house could lead to road safety issues.
Stockton Heath Parish Council did not oppose the plan however.
Planning officers said the proposal was in a sustainable position. Although it would increase housing density in the area, it would not harm visual character of the area.
The house would be barely visible from public vantage points, with only brief glimpses of it between other houses.


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