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Sarah’s super Slimming World success


AFTER losing an incredible eight stone at a slimming group Sarah Jones was inspired to become a Slimming World consultant to help others achieve their dreams.

Now nearly one year on Sarah has lost another stone and is within sight of achieving her goal weight.

Sarah from Stockton Heath, Warrington, said: “After my own success and completely changing my life through the confidence that weight loss gave me, I felt I could inspire others to banish the feelings of shame and guilt attached to being overweight and allow people to achieve their potential by opening my own group in Warrington.

“Since then, my group is almost a year old and is highly successful and I am immensely proud of the achievements of my members. Weight loss changes lives and affects people in so many different ways.

“Members within my group have reported some of the fabulous achievements they have made as a direct result of weight loss. One member Sue reports that she has been taken off all of her diabetes medication after losing 3 stone in weight, whilst another member Chris has noticed huge changes in his breathing as he requires breathing apparatus and night.

Sarah added: “As well as experiencing significant improvements physically, lots of members have also embraced physical activity and are loving the way this makes them feel and have started doing physical activity as a result of being more confident in their own abilities through the weight they have lost. One of our lovely young members Tom has found a new love and passion for cycling and is feeling the amazing benefits of not only feeling better in his mind but also within his body.

“These amazing changes experienced by my members have had such a significant impact on their lives. Since becoming a consultant, there are so many things that I have learnt and I am always so inspired by my members who are working so hard to achieve their weight loss goals and dreams.

“Dreams vary as much as my members do but the confidence gained through losing weight has allowed so many people to achieve their potential and to make changes that are truly allowing them to achieve their dreams.”

Sarah says her role as a Slimming World consultant is one that she loves and one that she feels allows her to be at the heart of changing people’s lives one step at a time.
She added: “We all deserve the opportunity to live life fully and not to live a half life. The feelings of shame and guilt stop us from having so many amazing opportunities but daring to dream allows us to really live happy. I have achieved so many of my dreams since beginning my own weight loss journey and I am so close now to reaching my final target of losing 10 stone and being in a healthy weight range.

“Exciting times are ahead and I know with certainty that whether its 10 pounds or 10 stone that people want or need to lose, that this is so achievable and that dreams really do come true with slimming world and we are an award winning group.”

The group meet at Fairfield Old School, Fairfield Street, Howley at 9.00 on Fridays.

For more details email sarah@bodymindsole.co.uk


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