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Jubilation as planners reject bid to build 1,200 homes at Peel Hall


JUBILANT residents are celebrating after planners unanimously rejected plans to build 1,200 new homes on the last green space in North Warrington at Peel Hall.

After hearing from local residents and councillors members of the committee voted unanimously to reject the application by Satnam Developments Limited.

Although Satnam were apparently represented at the meeting, no one spoke in support of the application.

More than 100 local residents packed into the meeting specially convened at the Pyramid building, with many more outside.

Following the result Campaigner Wendy Johnson-Taylor summed the evening up: “To say we are ecstatic is an under- statement! Several hundred residents turned out in force this evening. Even Storm Doris didn’t stop them! The committee room was packed and I believe some had to stand outside. We reckon concerned residents made every effort to come and stand with us. Our council has listened to us and It’s good to know our voices have been heard tonight”

“We have fought Satnam before and it has failed …. Surely now, Satnam, Warrington Borough Council and any future developer must be getting the message that any development on Peel Hall would be completely unsustainable? Previous applications have come nowhere near achieving three crucial dimensions that are recommended nationally to achieve sustainability”

Campaigner Jon Parr told the committee: “The attendance here tonight should go a long way to show you just how many residents feel their quality of lives are at stake in what is such a poorly conceived plan, and one built upon nothing but greed. How can you destroy Peel Hall and deprive hundreds of different animals, some of which are on the amber and red endangered list? Furthermore, how can you deprive our children of learning about the importance of wildlife first hand instead of learning about the destruction of it in front of a television!”

He added: “I find it inconceivable that this application is even worthy of consideration. I would be keen to know how many of you sat here tonight are prepared to make yourselves accountable for a development that would be an absolute disaster for years to come”

Fellow campaigner Steve Dodd, focused in on the impact this development would have on the community: “Green spaces are important to the wellbeing of a community and just as important as doctors, hospitals and community centres. Peel Hall is important, it’s the last wild green space left in north Warrington. It is rich in wildlife, despite Satnam’s claims.”

“People need to access nature. To learn, first hand, in a fun and healthy environment and not from sitting in front of an iPad! Satnam has submitted many plans, all completely unsuitable and unsustainable on so many levels.” added Ste.

Wendy added: “The gloves are off and always will be where saving Peel Hall is concerned. We simply cannot lose this unique place, if it goes it will be lost forever.”

“Satnam has put forward planning applications that have been nothing but totally unsustainable. We expect to see much of the same being produced in the future. She added: “We remain determined to fight on, for as long and as hard as it takes, to protect Peel Hall for our town and the enjoyment of future generations.” She said.

Warrington North MP Helen Jones said: “I am very pleased to hear that the planning committee have rejected Satnam’s latest application unanimously. This is another huge victory for local residents and campaigners, which emphasises the council’s commitment to protect the last remaining green space in North Warrington. I believe the arguments presented were robust and detailed, and demonstrated the adverse effect this development would have on my constituency. I have been pleased to support the latest campaign to Save Peel Hall, and will continue to do so if Satnam return in the future.”

Chris Vobe, Vice Chair of Warrington North Labour Party, added: “Tonight’s decision is a victory for residents throughout Warrington North. Labour have stood resolutely with campaigners in opposing Satnam’s unwanted and unsustainable plans. Councillors and members of the local campaign group made superb presentations this evening, and we are delighted that their arguments were accepted by the committee. Warrington North Labour Party will continue to fight protect Peel Hall, now and in the future.”

Protestors pack into the Pyramid

Protestors pack into the Pyramid


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  1. Second post, first Nimby!

    You win!

    “I guess that Committee would have done so strictly and purely on solid planning grounds as they are required to do by law!”

    Of course, this is serious stuff and they know the rules.

    This may surprise you, but “I’m a Nimby!” isn’t a planning consideration.

  2. Helen praising the council?? What a new and highly unusual occurrence this is! It wouldn’t have anything to do with her desperately trying to gather support from Labour councillors, the vast majority of which she has refuses to work with and instead seems quite content to constantly try and undermine.Or the story goes in Labour party circles. As for the bit about Satnam returning, and her being willing to fight them again, then it’s all a bit disingenuous of her really. She knows full well that if they appeal the decision, then it will likely to be overturned on appeal, and this will go through regardless of last nights decision. But she got some good headlines as did her son and that’s all what counts. A bit like HS2 and the debate that she missed in parliament recently. Lots of bluster and then exit sage left.

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