No traveller camp for Padgate, says council


WARRINGTON Borough Council has today denied, categorically, that a site at Padgate is being considered as a transit camp for gypsies and travellers.


Mike Hannon

A statement issued by deputy leader of the council, Cllr Mike Hannon, and the chairman of the travellers’ task group, Cllr Maureen McLaughlin, states: “We wish to make it clear that the council has not made any decision on the development of a specific travellers’ transit site.

“There are no plans or decisions on any specific site and this includes the site referred to in the media (land near Bennett Recreation Ground) as this site is unacceptable due to its proximity to residential properties.

“Any future decision regarding a transit site will be conducted on an open and transparent basis.”

Maureen McLaughlin.jpg

Maureen McLaughlin

The statement was issued as rebel councillor Kevin Bennett – the former Labour councillor who now represents TUSC (The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) revealed further information which he claimed was evidence of a “war” between back bench Labour councillors and the council’s executive board.

Cllr Bennett revealed the content of emails sent by Cllr Colin Froggatt which criticised executive board members Cllr Hitesh Patel and Cllr Maureen McLaughlin for poor communication.

He said: “The secret plan to put a gypsy traveller ‘transit site’ in Padgate has re-ignited the ‘infighting’ in the Labour Group.

“Cllr Colin Froggatt has revealed that he and Cllr Maureen Creaghan have been kept ‘in the dark’ over these plans.

“There is obviously a growing culture in the Labour Group where the executive board operates like a ‘secret society’ and keeps information from their own Members.”


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  1. So Clr Bennett was just talking and spreading a load of nonsense then? A load of nonsense which rattled Warington residents and even resulted in a petition which so far has over 2000 signatures.

    And now Clr Hannon says ‘There are no plans or decisions on any specific site’ but still he does not say where the possible site may be which Clr Kennedy was recently reported as saying that in “December we [the task group] voted to recommend one site to the council….I am declining to comment on where the site is as that is a matter for the executive board and if they decide to proceed there will be a full consultation and a formal planning application”.

    Never mind I’m sure they will all tell us one day…….

  2. regardless of the proposed site may I ask the question of the council why they are choosing to spend our tax on providing such a site for people that don’t pay any tax steal from our local shops and steal from our homes and gardens. Not only that frequent local public houses and wreck them after drinking and fighting use restaurants then walk out without paying the bill.

    No site should ever be considered at the cost of the taxpayer or any charity funds. More effort should be put into trying to house these people and educate the children phase the traveller culture out and in the future we won’t have to consider such ridiculous ideas.

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