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Not just a joint campaign goes up in smoke!


WARRINGTON Borough Council has been left red faced and hastily withdrawn a drugs awareness campaign suggesting cannabis was stronger than heroin.
Norml UK, a group working to reform cannabis laws, labelled the claims as being ‘irresponsible and dangerous’.
The ‘It’s Not Just a Joint’ initiative was launched earlier this week via the council’s own electronic newsletter – “The Wire” and sparked outrage from opposition campaigners who accused the council of suggesting heroin was a safer alternative to cannabis.
Hundreds of people had commented on the council’s Facebook page forcing the council to close the page – which has since re-opened and again been bombarded with further comments.
The council’s class B drug awareness initiative included the comment: “Did you know that cannabis can be stronger than heroin and cannabis related crime is now the most common drug related crime in Warrington?”
The council issued an embargoed press release about the campaign, which it then requested to be recalled.
The “It’s not just a joint” campaign was due to run throughout July, August and September in Warrington, with adverts on buses and bus shelters in various locations around the town, and promotion via social media.
A council spokesperson said: “Uncertainty has arisen regarding some of the statistical data supporting the campaign. In the interests of ensuring robustness, we have decided to review the campaign.”


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  1. With that kind of stupidity you have to wonder what the council have been smoking.

    Cannabis may well be the most common drug “crime” that does not make it more serious.

  2. This is quite funny. And I have to wonder how many people were involved and how much tax payer’s money was used for this failed campaign.

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