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Bin collections back to normal!


WARRINGTON Borough Council’s bin

collections will return “back to normal” next week. Meanwhile the

council has announced its bin collection points for tomorrow (Friday)

as residents are asked to take their own bin bags to special collection

points due to the ongoing wintery conditions on many

residential roads.
Next week residents will be able to put out additional bin sacks with their black bin collections, but not the blue bins.
Heavy snow and ice over the last week has meant that bin collections have been cancelled as roads were deemed too treacherous for the wagons to get down.
There will be no household waste (black bin) bin collected from households this week. Instead, waste will be collected from ‘collection points’ set up to correspond with normal collection days.
Residents are asked to arrive with their bags at the collection points between 8am and 3pm and hand them to refuse collection crews who will put the bags in the wagons.
Any side waste can be left out for collection as we do have staff out in vans who are collecting side waste where possible.
The Green bin service which was due to start again on January 19 has now been put back two weeks.
Community recycling centres at Gatewarth, Woolston and Stockton Heath are now fully open.
Friday January 14 collections:
1. Chapelford Village – Boston Boulevard JCT McKinley Street
2. Sankey Bridges –
The Rose Pub, Hood Lane South
3. Whitecross –
Whitecross Road, rear of Mad Hatter Pub
4. Penketh –
Meeting Lane Day Centre / Penketh Conservative Club Car Park, Meeting Lane
5 Penketh –
Red Lion Pub Car Park, Warrington Road
6 Penketh –
Cuerdley Road JCT Widnes Road
7. Hood Manor –
Rear of shops / Sankey Arms, Dorchester Road
8. Great Sankey –
Vine Crescent, ADJ Sankey Manor EPH
9 Great Sankey –
Trigger Pond, Lingley Green Road
10. Burtonwood –
St Michaels Chuch Hall, Chapel Lane
11. Winwick –
Myddleton Lane Leisure Centre, Myddleton Lane
12. Old Hall –
Old Hall Community Centre, Old Hall Road JCT Bewsey Barns Close
13. Westbrook –
Seven Woods Pub, Westbrook Crescent
14. Callands –
Car Park Opposite Hoop & Mallet Pub, Callands Road
15. Kingswood –
Butts Green JCT Kingswood Road
Disabled residents and those who have mobility issues who usually have assistance with their collections will receive help to get their bags to the collection points.
Residents are asked to disregard the stickers which were placed on bins advising of collection dates post Christmas.


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  1. Typical bloody council. Can’t think further than their own selfish needs. Can’t get it into their thick heads that some people have to work and have other commitments that prevent them from doing this. Why couldn’t they extend the hours and start it later so people had more chance of either doing it themselves or getting help from others. God help us if we ever have a real crisis. How can these clowns stay in jobs when there are dogs walking the streets!!

  2. There wouldn’t have been anything like the problem if they hadn’t cancelled the collections on the normal working days between Xmas and New Year. After all, it hardly takes a Rocket Scientist to work out that there’s a strong chance of losing the service to icy conditions either that week or the one following it!

  3. what about OAPs how can they get there bags to the collection point when the foot paths are so bad…… this council is not real it always gets it wrong how about all the councillors getting off there backside and collect the bags for them

  4. This council haven’t got a clue, they have prioritized the elderly bins, I know a few old people and i can tell you there bins are still not full from before christmas. where mine because i have kids was already full from christmas alone. Also I see delivery drivers, trucks and large vehicles driving down my street so why is it two bad for bin men? The council need to get real! If we had that mentality during the second world war we would all be speaking German now.

  5. Are they still paying the Bin Men ( sorry don’t know the fancy name ) or are they laid off.

    If the Aagons cann’t get down the Roads how do they expect all the cars to deliver Black Bags ( don’t forget to go to the shops to buy your black bags)

    How about putting the laid off Bin Men to work clearing the pavements of snow!

  6. I agree with all the above comments but my main complaint has been that there has been no information from the council about the collections. They have a website which has still not been updated since the Christmas collection dates. There has been no info on so far to even let us know the bins were not being collected. We all appreciate circumstances have been difficult but please keep us informed.

  7. The WBC website has all the info exactly as above in the article. Try using the refresh button, because you must be looking at a cached page. It’s changing on a daily basis. Hope that helps.

  8. I agree with everyones comments – I have seen large royal mail lorries delivering as well as numerous courier large vans.If we are being coerced to walk on the icey pavements are they ready to be sued for any injuries. Why cannot our wheelie bins be put at the end of our own street for emptying. The distances to the collection points is a long way for most of us& not possible We pay a high council tax for a poor service by a hopeless council


  10. Why do these people “assume” that every household has a computer and indeed that those that do have one, have ever heard of the council website????

  11. i drive a large vehicle for the council and have driven down some of these roads today, if i can do it why not the the lazy ass collection staff. my road is nearly completley clear and expect them to collect on thursday, they should maybe look at cutting cost in there department and find staff that would do the work.

  12. Neighbouring East Cheshire Council (which has common borders with Warrington) have maintained their refuse collection service throughout. They just missed last Tuesday – the day of the great snowfall – but have continued since, which means some people get their bins emptied a day late.

    If they can do it, why can’t Warrington?

  13. ” residents are asked to take their own bin bags to special collection points across the borough”. When were we asked? Our collection day was supposed to be today. I have already done their job for the last 2 weeks now it looks like I’ll have to do it again.

    ” roads were deemed too treacherous for the wagons to get down ” But not for everyone else to get out including some other trucks and vans. What a load of tosh.

  14. Apparently Halton Borough Council started their normal refuse collections again YESTERDAY and where it has been deemend usafe for the wagons (ie on some side roads) the binmen are walking to hand collect excess sacks of refuse only whilst the wagon waits nearby. They are monitoring the situation and reviewing the conditions on a daily basis and have contingency measures in place, with the aim of collecting as much waste as it is safe to do………………… Now there’s a thought…. are WBC emptying some bins in the normal way on the routes that are now clear or are ALL WARRINGTON refuse collections cancelled.

    I’m not having a go at our binmen by the way as I realise it is NOT their fault and I am more than happy to take my excess to the local tip or drop off point (along with any of my neighbours bags if need be) as I have no option than to go out on the ungritted roads in my car again tomorrow anyway :(…… I will of course be refusing to take any bags in my car that have been left out in the street for 2 weeks due to doggie wees etc 🙂

  15. Agree with all above comments. Communication poor. Service poor. Roads been entirely passsable for the last few days. Do we get a council tax rebate for poor service?

  16. We pay our Council Tax for a “Service” which should include regular bin collections.

    As this service is not being provided, presumably we will be receiving a proportionate rebate on our council tax bill?

  17. Lets blame the people who should be keeping the roads clear. Oops its the Council !Have they all got their heads buried in sand(sorry grit) because there isn’t any down our street.

  18. Don’t know how effective this has been. I drove past the Woolston collection point twice the other day and on both occasions there was nobody dropping of waste and the bin men were just standing around chatting. I’ve managed to get about all week on foot without falling over and had deliveries at both work and home.

  19. This is good old Warrington Bourough Council you are taking about , they dont put a foot wrong , they are too busy spending our money ,I think you should take it to Mrs Pam Smith ( head of older peoples services) maybe she could get all those poor old people to do her job properly, because i think she is incapable of doing it

  20. The Council encouraged us to take excess rubbish to Gateworth tip, but didn’t see fit to clear the access road of ice and snow for us. I would have thought this was the least it could do.

  21. If they had simply said ‘sorry no collections again’ people would have moaned and yet they offered a temporary solution of drop off points and vans going round the streets collecting too and yet people are moaning even more.

    For those of you who say there should be no problem as YOUR roads are clear a lot AREN’T ! I know cos I spent over 3 hours collecting rubbish from people I know who couldn’t get to their collection points and believe me it was bad enough having to slip and slide on many roads in a car never mind in a huge bin waggon.

    I suppose if everyone signed a form saying they didn’t mind their walls and parked cars getting trashed the bin waggons might try it too.

    It’s NOT really the end of the world… and there were quite a few people happily dropping their bags off every time I went.

  22. Thank God for Dizzy’s balanced comment. Given what has happened in Haiti, maybe people should be thankful that their only problem is a bin that hasn’t been collected, and a bit of snow and ice.

  23. While saying that, it’s interesting to read the other story today that the council are looking at permanently closing both the Sandy Lane and Woolston recycling sites thereby forcing people to travel even further.

  24. The main sufferers in all this debacle are those people who would struggle even in the best weather conditions because of age ,disability,chronic illness and many other impediments which most of us are fortunate not to have Lets try wherever possible to assist people less fortunate than ourselves and sooner or later we will return to normality and regular bin collections..surely our council have learned enough from this episode to anticipate similar adverse weather conditions and get it right next time…

  25. What a load of whingers!! Good move council in setting up collection points- u are in a no win situation- no matter what u do – the ‘ happy’ folk will always complain!!!

  26. What a load of bull**** I have to drive on my estate. I assume the council will be giving us a refund for breach of contract due to failing to collect bins and maintain the roads . I`m up for dumping it on the town Hall bet they get a truck there !

  27. John, some people work during these hours and have no possibility of getting to the collection sites. The bin wagons should have been moved as far into residential areas as possible and the binmen sent to collect the bins, empty them and put them back again…. like they used to do. Other authorities have managed…..

  28. So collections return to normal next week – wow hat’s big of them! Everyone else has been working normally this week – why couldn’t they. I take it we won’t get the equivalent of two weeks non-collection knocked off our Council Tax.

    The locals MPs should ask why the Council were allowed to get away with this. It is appalling. Not to mention adding fuel to the fire by expecting us to take our excess rubbish bags to collection points – when not catering to those who work fulltime and those who don’t have transport. What a farce. The person in charge of the Waste Section should consider their position.

  29. they are full of crap was told they would get collect this week ,,as for taking them to a collection point well say no more how the hell do they think us people can drag the bins plus bin bags huh realy mad

  30. some people had to work despite the weather conditions. more like the council was saving money for the road gritting that we never saw happening. Yes the busses were running so why not bin wagons!!!! i would also like to know wot the reason was for not getting a collection on new years eve. I didnt realise that was also a holiday.

  31. you hear on the t.v , a counciller going on about how schools should be open, but we cant get our bins emptied. obviously bin mens safety is more important , than our children or the parents who take them.

  32. To those defending the council here, you are missing the point that we are paying for a service (over £1200 a year council tax) that we are not receiving to our satisfaction. It’s bad enough that they cancel collections of bins over the festive period, a time when people have more rubbish than at any other time of the year, but to then cancel collections further just because of some snow and ice whilst unbeleivably still paying the bin men, and not even have the decency to inform us is completely unacceptable. Then there’s the fact that none of our roads were gritted. Just what are we paying our OTT council tax for when we can’t get our roads gritted or our bins emptied. Everyone should make their point by either dropping their rubbish at the town hall, or just dump it in the street, it’s the only way to get our message accross, as if we all foolishly take it to collection points or to tips then we just give the idiots at the council reason to do it to us again.

  33. How can this be published at January 14th. since it is December 28th.? Or is this the message left from lastyear with great efficiencey. For years we have had little stickers put on our bins, why not now? You didn’t turn up on the Tuesday before Christmas, but came unanounced on the Thursday…so bins were not put out. Why didn’t they knock on doors? Why are you not coming this week between Chrismaas and New Yeay, the rest of us work. IOf the roads are too bad for the collection, how is it that they are okay for us to go to collection points. Finally how ridiculous that you should assume that everyone has a computer and actually goes to your site each day to read your latest epistle. Just do the job, with which you are lumbered. PLEADSE REPLY>>>>>WHEN ARE OU COMING OUR WAY ? WA34BS

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