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Public urged to back Warrington City of Culture bid


VIDEO: WITH the deadline for Warrington’s City of Culture 2021 bid looming this Friday (April 28) Cllr Dan Price, Chair of the bid team is urging members of the public to back the bid.

Warrington’s bid documents need to be submitted on Friday and Cllr Price says he is confident Warrington can be short listed to have a one in four chance of becoming City of Culture 2021 and attracting huge investment for the town with city ambitions.

He is joined by warrington-worldwide Editor Gary Skentelbery who is also backing the bid and urging people not to be critical of their home town.

If successful it could attract millions of pounds of investment to help improve Warrington’s cultural offering.

Cllr Price says it is vital that the people of Warrington show their support for the bid.


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  1. Well said, Dan, and well said, Gary! Being City of Culture 2021 could be absolutely transformational for Warrington and so exciting. The opportunities that it would bring are phenomenal!

  2. City of Culture??? Successive councils have systematically destroyed Warrington: Victorian public baths demolished; cinemas demolished; markets demolished; buildings of architectural, historical interest and significance demolished; bustling main streets now lifeless; bank park reduced to a featureless green space; the list goes on and on. Marks & Spencer is to leave the town centre creating even more ‘dead space’ in Warrington’s retail offering, which consists of the bland, uninspiring Golden Square and a selection of Pound stores and charity shops. Warrington Council is always pleading poverty with urban open spaces being festooned with litter, debris, untended landscaping due to lack of available funding – people now have to pay to have their green bins collected despite the recent increase in Council Tax. Warrington Borough Council needs to forget about expensive, vainglorious projects and concentrate on getting the basics right for the long suffering people of Warrington.

    • WBC’s participation in this bid is more to do with an emphasis on the word “city” rather than “culture”. As you rightly say CAREY, the emphasis of successive administrations has been more towards a disinclination of culture rather than a preservation and promotion of it and the derived benefits. Attempting to validate that absence of cultural input by belatedly stating “Culture is what we are not what we do” only highlights the shortcomings of those successive culturally reluctant administrations.

    • I love Golden Square, you must try to remember that regardless how highly you value your own opinion, that is all it is , an opinion and as art and culture are in many ways subjective, it further devalues your ranty opinions, just saying like. Get behind the bid, win the game, improve YOUR town.

  3. I dont know why on earth you would want to be a city? Do you really want to be like Manchester and Liverpool?
    I cant see any benefits in this to be honest.

    More people
    More overcrowding
    More traffic
    More crime
    Less green open spaces
    House prices will go down

    Less local resources

    But hey if you want to turn a nice town that benefits from being close to 2 cities into another inner city slum then so be it.
    At the moment you have the best of all worlds….Dont ruin it!
    and especially not for some totally meaningless award & so the Council get more money to squander!

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