Bin strike set to continue as Union says council legal threats are pointless and a waste of tax payers’ money


THE bin strike in Warrington is set to enter a fourth round of industrial action next week with the Unite Union and the borough council still unable to agree on local working terms and conditions.

As a result strike action is set to continue next week, Tuesday, November 21 and December 4, with UNITE stating legal threats from the council will only serve to drag out the ongoing strike even longer.

Yesterday, Warrington Worldwide offered both the council and the union the opportunity to discuss the issue live and explain to the public what the issues were to prevent the strike from being brought to an end. Neither side took up the offer, with the borough council saying it would not be appropriate now legal proceedings had started.

In response to the request Unite regional officer, Samantha Marshall said:“The council’s legal threats are a pointless and expensive waste of taxpayers’ money. The council’s action will only serve to drag out the ongoing strike for even longer.
“Unite’s door remains open for talks. This is the only way to end the strike. Warrington Borough Council should be negotiating with key workers instead of paying lawyers. We continue to call on the council to do the deal that’s needed to get the workers back on the job.”
She added:”Our members are still waiting on a written offer from WBC to move matters forward, as without a formal offer we are unable to ballot our members to either pause or end the strike action. It would be helpful for WBC to explain why they have taken the approach that they have and why they are unable to make a local decision to resolve this local issue by local means when other Councils across England and Wales have been able to.”

Meanwhile, a Warrington Borough Council spokesperson said: “Earlier this week, we wrote to Unite through our Solicitors, setting out what we believe to be the clear case and basis for why strike action should be immediately cancelled.
“We have, with deep regret, received no assurance or confirmation that further strikes will be cancelled.
“At present, we have to plan with the expectation that strikes between Tuesday 21 November and Monday 4 December will go ahead. We are therefore taking further steps, in line with advice from our Solicitors, and will pursue the legal options available to us.
“We have always said that further strike action has been an unnecessary and disproportionate measure given the resolution of the 2023/24 pay award negotiations. We strongly maintain this position and are supported in this position by the national Local Government Employers.
“As always, our established and formal channels for all of our recognised Trade Unions remain open for any local issues to be raised and discussed.
“We appreciate that this will bring little comfort to our residents whose lives are being significantly impacted and disrupted by the strike by Unite and their members. We sincerely regret that we are facing another period of strikes from next week.”

Council again call on Unite Union to end bin strike


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  1. you clowncil kidding that you want CITY status!



  2. Apparently the government will soon prevent councils and local authorities being able to make additional charges for emptying green bins.

    Until then your suggestion we should “hit these fools hard” by not paying “for green bin emptied next year” is not well made, because we have to pay up front.

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