Bin strike stalemate continues as council write to Union through solicitors


THE bin strike stalemate in Warrington is set to continue with the borough council now writing to the UNITE Union through solicitors, calling for it to be cancelled.

While the council is saying the strike action is unlawful the Union insists an agreed national pay award is for minium standards and that local authorities can agree on better standards.

A spokesperson for the borough council said: “We have been taking legal advice around the previous and current bin strikes, on the basis that Unite’s dispute has been because of the national pay award, which was settled on 1 November.

“We have always said that further strike action has been an unnecessary and disproportionate measure given the resolution of the 2023/24 pay award negotiations. We have now written to Unite, through our Solicitors, to ask for immediate confirmation that their continuing strike action will be cancelled. We have set out the basis of why this should be so.
“As always, our established and formal channels for all of our recognised Trade Unions remain open for any local issues to be raised and discussed.

But a Union spokesperson responded: “The national bargaining agreement for local government sets out minimum standards but local authorities can agree better terms and conditions for workers if they wish to do so.”

Council again call on Unite Union to end bin strike


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  1. Resident Christmas present this will be horse manure. It could be settled if the council put some effort into it as they do for Christmas parties. Could I just mention while I’m ranting that every single drain In Bennett Avenue area are blocked and causing kerb flooding. Get it sorted.

  2. For Gods sake both sides have some common sense. Accept the national pay offer and get back to work. If this is not possible, then under health, safety and sanitation reasons there must be some special emergency measures that the council can call on and employ private contractors to replace the striking personnel. Unions seem to be holding the residents of warrington to ransom. Not good for the community and not good for the reputation of the union and council workforce.

  3. Absolutely pathetic theyre being greedy now theyve gotten what they wanted yet they still demand more. The bins on my street are over flowing and its starting to attract wild life it needs sorting they expect us to pay council tax when they arent even doing the things our taxes pay for its ridiculous. Im beyond furious and something needs to be done or warrington is gonna end up infested with rats and im not talking about the local governors.

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