What Is the Best Business Solution for Accepting Payments Online? 


With the increasing growth of e-commerce businesses, merchants look for payment solutions to serve their stores. Because many payment systems facilitate transactions on the Internet, the choice is not obvious.

Merchants can select systems and open business account profiles based on their business needs. In this article, we will take a closer look at one of the possible solutions. 

Which solution is right for your sales channels? 

The first thing you need to accept money for goods online is a reliable platform with the possibility to open a business account and a merchant account. For example, Genome is a FinTech company quite well-known in France and throughout Europe. It is a platform where you can easily create an online account. It offers you the opportunity to make payments and receive money in many currencies, namely, USD, EUR, or GBP. After you open abusiness account with Genome and start a merchant account, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of its feature-rich platform, which helps transfer money safely and quickly while being suitable for most sales channels. 

Working with online payments through the Genome account 

We can consider an online store with a built-in payment page as an example of a sales channel in France or somewhere in Europe. You can link the store to your business account (you will need a merchant account for this as well) for incoming and outgoing transactions while also enjoying the possibility of transferring money to any other Genome account. 

The functionality of a business account on Genome is quite extensive, and here are only some of the features: 

  • A business account linked to your company’s IBAN. The platform allows its users to apply for an IBAN right online by sending corresponding documents via the Internet. 
  • Multiple IBANs. Having a business account with Genome, you are free to expand your business activities and get up to five accounts in each currency. 
  • Favorable and fast currency conversion. Your business account is tied to Genome’s currency exchange, which provides conversions between a user’s accounts at a flat rate of 1% only.  
  • SEPA and SWIFT transfers. The online account will be connected to both the Single Euro Payments Area scheme and the international SWIFT system to give you more flexibility in transactions. 
  • Instant Genome payments. While it may take up to several business days to process SWIFT transactions and about four hours to receive SEPA transfers, funds sent within the Genome ecosystem will be credited to your business account in seconds. 
  • Merchant online account. Having a business account set up with the platform, you can apply for merchant account services, which will allow you to accept payments from local, European, and global customers in over 20 currencies. 

Affordability of modern banking with the Genome online account 

Despite the many opportunities you get by creating a business account with the platform, the Genome services remain affordable. The pricing for both a personal wallet and a business account is calculated to cater to the needs of individuals, small businesses, and the “big business” segment. So, everyone will find an acceptable online account tariff. 

There are two options for opening an online account for business purposes: 

  1. “Low-risk” rate
Initial account opening  100 EUR 
Monthly account payment  10 EUR per month or 100 EUR per year 
Another account opening  Free 
Monthly multicurrency account payment  Free 
  1. “High-risk” rate
Initial account opening  500 EUR 
Monthly account payment  100 EUR per month or 1,000 EUR per year 
Another account opening  1,000 EUR for a USD account and 500 EUR for each additional account in other currencies, but a EUR account is free 
Monthly multicurrency account payment  100 EUR 

Considering the rather rich functionality, we cannot fail to notice the democratic pricing. So, you just have to try and join Genome to boost your business. 


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