Four-storey apartment block planned for town centre would result in demolition of locally listed building


PLANS for a four-storey apartment block of 76 town centre apartments will be put to Warrington planning chiefs this week – with a recommendation for approval.

The scheme, on land fronting Wilson Patten Street, will mean the demolition of the locally listed Arpley House. But planning officers say this is acceptable as it is considered a low-value heritage asset.

The apartment block development will consist of 38 one-bedroom flats, 31 two-bedroom flats and seven three-bedroom apartments.

Warrington Borough Council officers say the re-development of the site, bounded by Wilson Patten Street, Arpley Street and Winmarleigh Street, for residential use is appropriate within the town centre and makes efficient use of the site.

It will make a make a positive contribution to the delivery of new homes in the borough and also provide 15 affordable units.

These public benefits will outweigh the less-than-substantial harm to designated heritage assets such as the Grade 2 Listed former police station building.
Officers say the proposal has been put forward with a contemporary design, utilising a mixture of materials that take cues from nearby buildings coupled with sympathetic modern

The apartment block proposal should set a standard of design for future regeneration projects which it is hoped will be carried out along Wilson Patten Street.


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  1. Another listed building in the Cultural Quarter being demolished. That is unless it catches fire. Warrington Borough Council has got a reputation of disregarding anything listed that is in the wrong place. DISGRACEFUL!

  2. I completely agree with you. They always seem to magically catch fire and are then totally destroyed. How many more flats, apartments and houses does one small town need. I agree that everybody deserves to have a home but I do think that they need to properly sort out our roads, our existing homes first. The town centre needs more shops and not just pubs and places to eat. I’m sorry if I’ve offended anybody because I’ve tried my best not to do that and that is definitely not my purpose. It’s just one opinion asceverybody else are entitled to theirs too.

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