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Essential DJ Equipment for Beginners


So you’re interested in becoming a DJ? Welcome to the exciting world of music mixing! One of the most common concerns among aspiring DJs is: What equipment do I need? 

With so many possibilities for DJ equipment and software platforms nowadays, putting together your first professional DJ setup might be an intimidating prospect. There’s no straightforward answer either because it all depends on the kind of DJ you want to be and the music you want to make.

A typical DJ setup includes headphones, mixer, turntables, DJ controller, and other accessories. 

In this short guide, we will walk you through some of your options. 

Basic Computer Setup

Nowadays, you can create great music with just your laptop and the right software. Since you’re new to this, you might want to start off with this setup until you gain some experience, and you’re sure you want to continue and invest more money into equipment. 

You only need a decent laptop and professional software. There are lots of online tutorials that will show you what you can do with them, and you’ll be amazed. It will also give you an opportunity to learn more about this world and improve your skills. This is how most current DJs get started. 

Computer and Controller Setup

The basic computer setup we described above is great for beginners, but a controlled, as the name suggests, will give you more control over your music. 

Even a simple USB controller will give you analog control over your digital setup with loops, cross-fading, effect, EQ bands, and more. Once you get used to this setup, you’ll never want to go back. 

A controller can cost anything from £200 to several thousand. We don’t recommend that you go with the cheapest option. Read the reviews and choose what’s best within your price range. If you decide to go for something expensive, consider getting DJ equipment insurance.

Turntable Setup

Some claim that getting a turntable setup is a must if you want to be a serious DJ. If you want to invest in this equipment, you will need two turntables, a good mixer, and the best quality DJ headphones you can afford. 

This setup will give you more flexibility and versatility, so you can really turn pro since you get more analog control over the music you create, which is why many prefer it. 


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