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How to make Wi-Fi stronger for your business


Businesses are growing more and more creative in the strategies they use to draw clients to their premises. One strategy that has worked over and over again in having a business Wi-Fi.

People literally live through their phones, and even when they are paying a visit at your business, they want to remain connected. Even more important than having Wi-Fi itself, is having Wi-Fi that is strong enough to serve both your staff and your clients. A Wi-Fi repeater and mobile signal repeater are sure fire devices, if you are looking for how to make Wifi stronger and efficient.

How to make Wi-Fi stronger in your business premises

Many factors affect the strength of Wi-Fi in your business premises, some which you need to look out for when choosing the location of your business. The thickness of the walls of your business premise for instance, could affect the penetration on mobile signals. Lack of signals within your business premise will not only affect how you and your staff communicate with people, but will frustrate your clients too. Once they know they are cut off from the world once they get to your business premise, they will try to spend as little time as possible in that area.

If you are running a coffee shop for instance, the amount of time spent within your walls is almost synonymous to repeat food orders. If your clients endeavour to go away as fast as possible, and also tell their friends that the signal at your place is low, that will affect your business in a huge way. Having a mobile signal repeater is therefore not just convenient, but it attributes greatly to the success and longevity of your business.

Better still, a single repeater can serve multiple devices, not just yours. If your business premise is located where signals are low, a mobile signal repeater boosts that signal by amplifying and redistributing it to everyone within that scope. Away from your business premise, it can work in an office setup and in your house too.

Removing obstacles goes a long way in making your Wi-Fi stronger. Microwave ovens, baby monitors and a horde of other wireless devices that seem harmless actually significantly reduces the strength of your Wi-Fi. You may also want to move huge furniture further away from the router and if possible, house them in a different room so they may not obstruct the signal.

A more efficient way of making your Wi-Fi stronger, however, is getting a Wifi repeater. Wi-Fi repeaters work by increasing the scope of the Wi-Fi signals in your house or business premise. Think of it this way, you have a good, updated router that is still new and has no other mechanical problem. The clients on one side of the office get weak or no Wi-Fi at all. When they are moved to another area, the Wi-Fi works just fine. Back home, your Wi-Fi might just be strong enough in your living room, but the moment you go to the balcony or a room down the hall it becomes impossible to stay online or get any work done.

In these two cases, you do not need to buy yet another router since the problem does not lie with the router. The problem is, there is a Wi-Fi dead spot or dead zone in your house and to address this, you need a Wi-Fi repeater. These too can be connected to multiple devices and are very easy to set up. You do not need any technical knowledge beyond the basics to know how to put up and connect to one.


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