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“If we are so smart, why do we drop litter?”


SCHOOLBOY Samuel Hands wants to know why, if humans are the most intelligent species on Earth, do they drop litter?
He has made a poster highlighting his concerns – and taken it to show his MP.
Warrington South MP Faisal Rashid discussed the issue with Samuel in more detail – and praised the youngster for his actions.
He said: “It was great to meet Samuel and to hear his thoughts on litter. Across the country a growing number of young people are voicing their concerns on environmental issues. Last August, a small group of schoolchildren decided to walk out of school to take a stand against climate change – they went on to inspire a global movement.
“I share Samuel’s concerns. Many areas across the country are blighted by litter. As Samuel rightly highlights with his campaign, more thought needs to be given to the impact that dropping litter has on our environment – on our roads, pavements and in our parks.”
Locally, Mr Rashid has been working with councillors to try to tackle problems with litter, taking part in a number of litter picks across the constituency. He recently joined the Bewsey and Whitecross councillors in Whitecross for the launch of a clean-up initiative.
Community clean-up days are taking place across the town’s central wards in an effort to keep the streets free from fly-tipped rubbish, dog fouling and litter, with support from the local councillors, community volunteers, the council’s neighbourhoods team, TORUS and Cheshire Police.
The MP added: “Across Warrington South we have a number of fantastic local community groups who regularly go out litter picking and their hard work and dedication is commendable.”
Despite these efforts, the reality is that Government cuts to local authority budgets are biting. This means we are seeing a reduction in the services councils can afford to provide. The Government needs to give local councils the funding they need so that they are able to restore these services.
“We must also heed the recent environmental and climate emergency declaration made by Labour and now supported by the Government.  We need swift and radical action to tackle these environmental issues and in Westminster I am pressing the Government for this action.
“It was a pleasure to meet Samuel. I hope that he will continue to campaign on environmental issues. I am sure he will go on to inspire many others to join him.”


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